Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. --- H. L. Mencken


People communicate in different ways. Some people paint while others write while others sing. This is my personal soapbox that I occasionally jump on and howl at the world. The world doesn't really listen, but that's okay because I don't really listen to it very much either.

Stand Against Sharia!

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Sharia laws, rape, murder... Religion of peace? Only the dead have seen the end of war...

I prefer to live and let live. There comes a time when a one must choose sides.

I choose to stand against Islam.

I choose to stand against Sharia.

I choose to stand against gang rape.

I choose to stand for the constitution of the United States and the rights it enumerates.

I choose to stand for freedom and against 7th century barbarians.

I've chosen my side, have you chosen yours?

1 days until the 2017 presidential inauguration! We have become a nation of special interests that treat the constitution as toilet paper. The politicos feed at the public teet. Will a new administration really make a difference? I truly doubt it, but I hope for the best.

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