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The number of language translation and dictionary sites on the internet is impressive. Want to translate to/from one of the Tolkien languages? How about Klingon? (pollaH pagh polHa'laH).

I have listed some highlights below.

Google Translate
Want to translate something? Why not start with Google? They cover lots of languages and their site can read the source text and/or the translated text out loud.

SDL International
A very nice site that differenciates between American and Spain versions of Spanish

Travlang's On-line Translating Dictionaries
One site that has some words that no others do
Great for single word, in-depth translations. They have some incredible references for free! Don't pass this one up!
An exellent free learning resource, in addition to being a decent dictionary of Spanish:

For those who need an excellent Spanish dictionary (todo en español):

Real Academia Española
The gold standard in Spanish dictionaries, Real Academia Española. It is to Spanish what the Oxford Dictionary is to English!:

For those interested in the Tongues of Arda, the invented world of J.R.R. Tolkien:

Can't we all get along, try Esperanto:.

The ultimate resource for finding online translations and dictionaries with nice thesaurus features:.

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