1929 and Now

1929, the year the market had a real crash.

  • The stocks were up, way up. Unemployment, what unemployment?
  • Stocks could be purchased with only a portion paid up front.

2018, this year.

  • The stocks are up, way up. Unemployment is less than 5% which is considered full employment.
  • Retail is dying, the stores are closing.
  • National Debt is 20 trillion+.
  • Robotics are replacing more and more people while we are also deluged by more and more illegals. In other words, we are packing in more and more uneducated workers while doing away with the jobs that they are here to do. The American Chamber of Commerce makes a few more dollars as the country slides into the disaster that they are making far worse.

I’m no expert. Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. We shall see.