Die verlorene Jägerin III – Der Köenig der Toten

The action has, once again, vanished! This is a bunch of
whinny Scooby gang moments with little else. There are a
bunch of flashbacks and dreams, which make the German even
more difficult to read. There are few kills and not much

It appears that this book is a setup for the next book
in the series. Hopefully, book four will be like book two…

My German is very limited, so I am missing a lot
of plot development. YMMV.

Die verlorene Jägerin II – Dunkle Zeiten

This books has some action! With vampires everywhere, Sunnydale is overrun! Where ever Buffy goes, vampires are sure to appear.

Buffy, searching for a way to resolve the major cliff-hanger from the prior book, runs into a lot of adventure. A lot of old friends show up and the party starts.

There is a kill of a major bad guy that does NOT agree with the series, those things happen.

This book is MUCH better than its’ predecessor.

Die verlorene Jägerin 01 – Die Prophezeiung

As I read the Buffy books in German, I’m going to give a quick story summary and review. Since the books are in German and I am still learning the BASICS of German, I will miss LOTS of stuff. Since my German is so limited, I will make some big mistakes. Those mistakes will make these reviews far more interesting than the typical boring types! Once I’ve read most of the books, maybe I’ll setup a web page compilation.

A while ago, I read this book. If I can ever find out how to see my posted messages on Facebook, I can be more exact on the date. What I did get out of this story boils down to this:

Buffy has just started at Sunnydale College. She is having issues transitioning from high school to college. She is also having issues with Willow. Add a pack of vampires with tattoos of bats and eyes that glow orange. The vampires are really confident and seem to know something big about what is going on that the slayer does not. They also have a ghost of a slayer from the past appearing and really doing little other than complicating the heck out of the plot.

It wasn’t a bad read but it did seem to drag a little. I am not sure if that is because of my poor German or because the story needed better writing.

Comic Fans Shut Down Comics Official Blog

Continuing on the comic theme:

DC Comics Blog had to shut down for a while. Apparently, the question under discussion was, “Who is faster? The Flash or Superman?” Apparently, it hit the fan with the fans and they had to close the thread quickly!

Flash vs Superman. The question shuts down the official DC Comics forum.

I hate the format but I love the passion!

If I were asked to comment of the subject of who is faster, The Flash or Superman, I would reply Superman. Lets tell it like it is, The Flash just isn’t all that and a bag of chips… I put him at the same level as Batgirl from the 1960s series (Yvonne Craig).

April 29, 2011 Update:
A New York Post article has a title that says it all: "Superman renounces US citizenship".

Feel free to take a look: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/superman_renounces_us_citizenship_n5ZdXkQIWE7y5EoU6xTZQI

In Action Comics Number 900, Superman decides to market to the international market and say the hell with the American readers… Let me be one of the first to bid adieu to that ungrateful illegal! I suggest they move his character to China or any militant Islamic country. I’m sure that the typical Superman plots will work really nicely in those countries.

I can see the new introduction now:

"Is it one of the few birds still alive in China? Is it a functioning MIG? No it is a comrade! A very fast worker but not nearly as fast as the bullets that the people’s government would never misuse! Not nearly as strong as one of our wonderfully functional high speed trains! Able to slowly climb a staircase in one of our wonderful government buildings! In other words, another fine worker in the worker’s paradise!"

Maybe they should just put him out of his misery.

Does any one have a good site for daily spot quotes for green Kryptonite?

The Comic Book Format

I’m going to just say it: I hate the comic book format!

  • The story takes forever and a day to get anywhere.
  • It takes a bucket load of the comics to tell the story contained in one book.
  • The illustrations are sometimes very nice but not nearly as nice as the pictures in my imagination!The format just doesn’t work for me.

    There was an interesting point made at: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/artsdesk/books/2010/04/06/in-d-c-and-industrywide-will-the-ipad-save-comics-and-kill-print/

    ". . .From radio drama to movie serials to television to big-screen to computers and the internet, comics have been able to piggyback and provide content without significantly altering the medium . . "

    He has a valid point. I enthusiastically agree with the part about providing content. While I hate the format, I can not deny some of its inherent beneficial side-effects for those of us who don’t enjoy comics. I love some of the derivative media products. I have no real interest in a Superman comic but I watched the movies. I will not be reading a Batman comic but I watched the movies. I like some of the books. I can watch many of the cartoons. I love many of the animes from Japan. I JUST HATE THE COMIC BOOK FORMAT!

    When it is all said and done, I wish the comic book people the best. Their medium helps create interesting characters and can also keep good characters and interesting series continuing on.

    Why am I writing about this issue? All I’m going to say is “Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic”, a DVD with the first 19 issues of the Buffy comic book series. I am less than inspired right now…