Die verlorene Jägerin IV – Herrschaft der Vampire

It took a couple of weekends because this was a 164 page book and my German is EXTREMELY limited. I used Google’s translate function a lot.

Ok, some good stuff. I liked the part where they had a priest bless the emergency fire sprinkler system and toast lots of the vampires with the holy water flying everywhere. I’ve always wondered why no one does that!

Throughout this four book mini-series, the use of Camazotz and Zotilaha, Mayan deities, was an interesting. Since no one knows all that much about Mayan deities, they are a great drop-in for plots that need a little help.

It did get a bit whiny, but hey, the dust from all of the vampire killing livened things up! Wesley even made an appearance and made a good showing. Oz did look like a bit of a self-absorbed jerk though…

Favorite quote from the book:
Die erste Regel einer Jägerin: Stirb nicht!
The first rule of the Slayer: Don’t die!

Das Blutschwert (The Blood sword)

Ghosts of a Japanese Mountain God and a Chinese Vampire are released by an accidental cut to Willow’s hand by an ancient sword. Violence ensues, possessions are unraveled, Principle Snyder makes a cameo, bad guys are finished off. The action bogged down in a few places. The diary entries of the former watcher were interesting. All-in-all, a typical Buffy story.

The Japanese and Chinese words in the German story made it quite challenging to wade through. The book is 220 pages, the longest German book that I have tackled to date. I used Google translate a lot. I love the audio feature that allows me to hear how some of the tougher German words are pronounced.