Das Blutschwert (a fashion addendum)

By the way. Page 82 had a tirade by Buffy about just how “out” Gargoyles sunglasses are. One part translates, according to Google, as: “…wearing them even in the house is as dead as sequined gloves! ” The German edition of the book is copyright 2003… According to the book, my Gargoyles were incredibly out of style back in 2003!

I have loved my Gargoyle sunglasses since Arnold, the impregnator, wore them in “The Terminator”.

As stylish as I am, I’m going to have to buck the trend, fight the current, and ignore the slayer/fashionista. I am keeping my Gargoyles! I will give up my Gargoyles when they take them from my cold dead body!

On a translation note, that paragraph in the book was like trying to get a grip on a glass-like smooth surface! That particular paragraph was strictly Google translate all the way!