Xander Auf Liebe und Tod

The Buffy books I’ve read, up to this point, have been mostly new material. This book regurgitates a few episodes and doesn’t really add anything. This was a throughly disappointing book. The stories concentrated on how difficult it is to be a male hanging out with the Slayer.

New Adobe Products

“I’ve played with Edge and I’ve kicked the tires on Muse.

Edge is a simple editor for making animations in HTML 5.  Edge is a very nice program that I will be using the heck out of!

There are some who are saying that HTML5 will be a Flash killer…  After playing with Edge, I don’t think so.  HTML 5 has lots of potential, but it just is not designed to do the same things that Flash does.

Muse is a tool for non-programers, specifically layout specialists, to create websites without programming.  Muse is far too limited for my use, but it has potential for artists who want to avoid code.

Adobe is developing lots of new and interesting toys.”