Die Dämonin des Todes (book 13)

A 344 page book with a lot happening, not all of it all that interesting.  The writers used the hell out of flashbacks.  There were flashbacks for the bad girl, a couple of slayers, and Angel.  It bogged down the story and sucked the life right out of the plot.  These authors also threw in every possible subplot.  Buffy’s mother deathly ill.  A doctor that is connected to Angel’s past.  A bad girl with a damned near unstoppable set of evil powers.  They even managed to sneak in the Templars!

We meet Lucy Hanover, a deceased slayer, or her ghost at least.  We get a tiny intro to the existence of a slayer’s ghost.  We also see how a slayer’s ghost can continue to fight the good fight.

The story is wrapped up in less than 10 pages…  Kind of a waste of those other 334 pages…

The team is out with their crosses, holy water, stakes, and the occasional crossbow.  For the most part, they are completely outclassed.  There are few easy kills in this story.  For once, the slayer had to work really hard for the victory.