Art in the Digital Age

I’m not in love with this concept, I’m just throwing it out for others to think about and comment on.

While I understand the desire to emulate older forms of art on digital media, especially paintings, I wonder if it is counter-productive.  Yes, it is nice to be able to emulate the paintings of the masters of their times but shouldn’t digital media have its own zeitgeist?  Why hold the digital media artistic expression back with the old standards and approaches?

Hopefully, we can have the best of both worlds.  Digital creations generated by artists who use everything they’ve learned from the past methods and mediums but go to a new place that is uniquely beautifully digital.

Mutter der Monster (Buffy #17)

The story includes a vampire mother and her two sons… The goddess Nemesis. The Scooby gang is also on hand, as usual.

The only thing I took away from this story is that Xander was far more obnoxious than usual. That’s it. Nothing else to report. This story didn’t have any substance.

This has been the most disappointing book in the series yet.

Die Willow Akten (book #14)

The Willow Files

A recap of three episodes;
The episode with the demon in the internet, scanned in by Willow.
The episode with Oz and the whole werewolf issue.
The episode with the mask and the zombie cat…

If you saw the episodes on television, or better yet, on the DVDs, this book does not add anything. I am not a big fan of books that repeat what happened on the screen. If they had added some depth or subplots, it might of been worth reading.

At least it was a short book, 167 pages.