Adobe CS6 Deleted Programs

Adobe discontinued Soundbooth, Catalyst, and OnLocation. I almost never used the first two programs. Catalyst was very good for using a GUI interface to make pretty screens for Flash Builder. With the Flash’s star fading, this is an expected move.

The third program, OnLocation, was an interesting program that helped organize the clips. Its replacement, Prelude is used in many newsrooms across the country. Its biggest feature is rough cut generation, and if you are consolidating to one format, it is good for metadata. I will miss OnLocation, but we will see how it works out.

I have now done a couple of videos in PS6 extended.  It was TERRIBLE! I will NOT be editing video in PS6. Premiere is the ONLY way to go!

Windows 8 Preview Edition

I installed it on VirtualBox and kicked the tires. This is not the nightmare that I expected. I’ve been reading reviews and seeing videos that convinced me that the world was in danger, cats were living with dogs, and all of the worst parts of the old testament were coming to pass…

I can now report that it seems okay to me. The interface is a tad bit cumbersome, but very usable. I was able to connect to the work domain and install a bunch of software from the network shares. I can report that Blender, VLC, and Libre Office worked fine.

I am considering making a Camstudio presentation and posting it on YouTube.”

Buffy – 22 – Spike & Dru – Dämonische Liebe

This is a more sophisticated story than we are used to. This Buffy story does not have Buffy anywhere in it. This story wasn’t confined to Sunnydale, in fact Sunnydale was NEVER mentioned. It takes place during the early years of World War II in the United States and in Europe.

This is Spike and Dru’s story! This story explores some of the relationship between Spike & Dru, but it also shows their interaction with others. Think large body count!

Some of the highlights include a u-boat or two, slayer candidates gathering together, a demon from WAY back, and Freya’s necklace, Brisingamen.

This story is well written and a fun read. This is a WINNER!

Adobe CS6 – First Impressions

I have the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection and I’ve now done some serious work with Adobe CS6 Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I’ve played with Prelude and Dreamweaver.  I haven’t had a chance to play with Fireworks yet, but I am looking forward to it!

I am VERY happy with what I have seen so far.  The interface has not been changed just for the sake of change.  The differences make sense and simplify some of the processes.  The intelligent move feature in Photoshop works well.

Premiere Pro runs smoother than ever before and the simple changes are VERY welcome. When you edit the video clips, there are several ways to make the edits. The panels work with the editing process rather than complicating it.  As before, you can configure the layout to your hearts content.

The fluid grid in Dreamweaver works. I don’t know if it is an approach that will work for a site of significant size, but it is a useful tool.

Prelude is a very interesting new addition. For rough cuts on video footage, it is potentially very useful. Prelude can make the workflow between director and editor a lot cleaner! The ingesting feature is also interesting. I currently keep the videos in their original formats. If I EVER decide to standardize, Prelude will be the cat’s meow!

Adobe is making magic happen!