John G. Henry goes political

John G. Henry is the author of the Lost Fleet series under the name of Jack Campbell. The first four books of the Lost Fleet series are a wonderful read.

John decided to jump on the Law of the Sea bandwagon today. That particular subject is a complex one but, apparently, John doesn’t quite understand that. He does not seem to understand the concept of national Sovereignty. He doesn’t seem to understand quite a lot…

The worst part of his post is the complete contempt for those in the senate fighting against that international agreement. He has decided that he holds the ultimate truth and any other thoughts are anathema. So be it. The narrow minded come in all flavors. After the Joss Whedon rave out, I’ve adopted a straightforward method of dealing with people like this. I ignore them. From this point forward, I don’t read his books. I don’t subscribe to his Facebook posts. I don’t follow him on Twitter. John who?

Life is too darned short.

Joss Whedon – a clueless socialist

At Comic-con 2012, Joss says, "We have people trying to create structures and preserve the structures that will help the middle and working class, and people calling them socialists." He spent some time talking about how wonderful socialism really is.

If he likes socialism so much, why doesn’t he move to any of the European countries? Instead of making all of those expensive movies, he should give his money and possessions to the poor. He makes so much money, too much for one man. He should work for minimum wage and give all the rest to the poor. Instead of paying all of those actors and actresses, he should give that money to the poor as well. Joss is just acting too capitalist!

I wish public figures would do what they do best and stop jumping on political bandwagons. Socialism is the path to mass dependency and misery. I am disappointed in Joss.