Zombies and a Japanese Self Defense Force

The other day, I was watching a low-budget Japanese zombie flick, Zombie Self-Defense Force. To my surprise, there was a political statement in the beginning subtitles. In the English subtitles at the beginning one of the creators of the flick decides to bloviate and put forward a political statement. He highlights the 1.2 million Japanese civilians killed by American forces during the second world war. He mentioned how international law was ignored. He also talked about how Japan made it possible for Asian nations to stand up to the United States. All this was to support the idea that Japan should have its own military. What an idiot. Why bring politics into a zombie flick? Truth be known, I’m pretty damned sure the rest of Asia wasn’t too damned happy with the Japanese invasion! I don’t think the rape of Nanking is called that as a term of endearment!

I decided to Google Is “Japan becoming nationalist”. I have seen signs of it in some movies and articles in the past. I wondered if it was getting worse. I ran into http://www.japanfocus.org/-Matthew-Penney/3116  It had a great deal to say on the subject:

Quoting Arai Shinichi’s book Kubaku no Rekishi (A History of Bombing)

“From the time that biological attacks began in earnest in September of 1940, various cities in Hunan and other areas were targeted. Special bombs filled with fleas and infected with plague germs were found to be the most effective. Changde in Hunan, attacked with these germ-bearing fleas in November of 1941, saw the outbreak and spread of disease for the next five years.”

I would think he would avoid the entire subject of international law. Quite a few indiscretions by the Japanese were covered up by the United States government after the war. I guess imperialistic tendencies do not stay dormant long!

If Japan is starting down the path that I think they are, I pity them. There are many good Japanese people and a very few loud ultra-nationalists who want to rewrite the history of World War II. The Japanese have so much interesting artistic, technological and scientific gifts to offer the world. The last time they tried the imperial game, they lost big. I don’t think their next enemy will be so merciful. The worse part is that I don’t think a majority of the Japanese people are looking to go down that road. Take a high percentage male population in a world that is destabilizing more and more and add a few ultra nationalist rewriting history and you can create some really bad scenarios. Add in a China that wants to flex some muscle and North Korea getting more insane by the day. Oh yeah, no problems here!

Ironically, I don’t have a problem with the Japanese having their own military. I don’t have a problem with the United States spending its resources at home and letting Japan go. Let the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans and the Russians come to their own accommodations. I wish them all the best.

I still wonder why the hell someone would bring politics into a low budget zombie movie!

By the way, the movie was fairly good!

Blanke Knochen -32 – (Bare Bones)

As I write this review, the song “When Blood Runs Dark” by Leaether Strip is playing. The main refrain is “When blood runs dark my love runs out”. You can not get more appropriate for a Buffy novel review.

A rough translation from the book: “Ghouls are FEMALE demons that attract male travelers with their spell and then eat them.” Internet sites agree that that definition is reasonable.

We’ve got Ghouls in Sunnydale! A female singing group that Xander nicknames “Spice Ghouls” are eating well… They have also decided that they need new members in the band . . .

The body count isn’t what one would expect from such a nice setup. There is a bunch of wordy dialog. The characters follow their roles well enough. While I like the use of Ghouls, I can’t really say that I was thrilled with the book. This is not one of the better novels in the Buffy series.