Google Screwed Up

What does Google put on the main page for Easter?

A bunny rabbit? No.

An egg? No.

Christ? No.

Cesar Chavez and a mention of his 86th birthday? Now that you mention it, yes!

Probably not the best move. Chavez was heavily engaged in supporting immigrant farm workers. That was a very important thing. Christ also seems to have helped a few people. Maybe they could have placed a mention somewhere?

Is it me or is Google getting more and more out of touch with common sense? Are they trying to make a political statement or are they just that stupid with public relations?

Buffy 34 – Die Ankunft der Zweiten Jaegerin (The Arrival of Two Slayers)

The German words in this story were not horribly difficult to figure out.

I don’t like the format. It is written as a series of shorts tied together. It is also almost exactly what was on television. Either I am missing a lot, possible because my German is garbage, or the author didn’t do much work.

I did not really see much in the way of additional content. As far as I am concerned, the books should ALWAYS add meaning and or depth to the story line…

In this case, the book tried to pick highlights of the Faith/Buffy interactions. The scenes chosen were not bad but the writing didn’t add anything.

This book was a disappointment.

I did pick up one useful German phrase: “Wir sind umzingelt!” Translated to English: “We are surrounded!” You never know when it will be needed.

North Korea 3/30/2013

Am I the only one who has figured it out? The experts are confused and wondering what is going on. They think the idiot-and-chief in North Korea is nuts. Maybe he is, but his current actions make a lot of sense, if one is bloodthirsty and practical.

His people starving, the “Great Leader” Kim Jong Un has to kill off a bunch of his population. How to do it? Start a border incident and make damned sure to have lots of casualties. If he doesn’t, his own will kill him.

At least he hasn’t started eating the dead… Yet!


According to, The Chosun Ilbo, a major newspaper in South Korea, the Chinese tourists are being assured that there will not be a war everything is fine… Okay, are they lying with the intent of collecting what they can while they can or are the tourist bureaus in possession of facts that we don’t have?

It may be time for a sequel to Team America: World Police. This time maybe dump the puppets and make it a musical with real people?

$60,000 of a $4 Million Dollar a Year Tax Waste

CBS News has an article at: entitled Taxpayer money finances IRS “Star Trek” parody…

You can watch the six-minute video, the video that you the American tax payer dished out approximately $60,000 for. The article also menions, ” the IRS’s own television studio in New Carrollton, MD. The studio may have cost taxpayers more than $4 million dollars last year alone”. Television studio? Training videos? They can’t get videos off-the-shelf like corporations do?

I’m not going to comment. Anyone watching the video will understand why taxpayers might just have a problem with this waste of resources.


As of 3/22/2013:

Over 1,057,000  people have been killed by guns in the U.S.A. since John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8, 1980.

Over 36,000,000 babies have been killed by abortion in the U.S. since John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8, 1980.

Isn’t it a shame that lefties have none?

Buffy 33 – Unheilvolle Schöpfung (Sinister Creation)

I used Google translate a lot with this one.  If my German reading skills are improving, they are doing so in a PAINFULLY slow manner!

Dinosaurs? Yes. Vampires? Only Angel. Massive number of kills? No, not really.

The components for a decent story were available but they were never put together in a way that worked. The writing wasn’t anything to celebrate either.

The Buffy character went through the motions. Xander and Willow were just stuffed into the plot in a half-hearted manner. Oz was featured but never really went anywhere.

In short, this one was a disappointment