Buffy 39 – Mörderisches Spiel (Murderous Play or Suspicion or Murderous Game)

The German wasn’t dreadful, I got through the book.

Lets examine the goodies in this book. We have a television psychic who performs with an almost game show feel. Other dimension bone collecting demons with portals to those places. Willow honing the whole witchcraft thing. Total Immersion virtual reality video games, think Last Starfighter but with demons. Reference to a Voodoo ritual and a Loa.

Add in the slayer family angle with the Dawn issue. Buffy isn’t her mother but is trying to protect her. Dawn is as easy going and laid back as Buffy. You know that isn’t going to be a pretty picture.

This isn’t a particularly good story but it isn’t one of the worst. Nothing exceptional happens.

Note: Google.com translates “Mörderisches Spiel” as “Suspicion”. http://www.freetranslation.com/ translates it as “Murderous Game”. I translate it as “Murderous Play”. I was stunned to find out that this translation threw a monkey wrench into the works. One of the above translations is correct.

I decided to break the translation tie by looking into the name of the English version of the novel. Oops, I don’t think the original title “Crossings” really helps. For what it is worth, the English title fits the story line perfectly. Murderous Game fits nicely and Murderous Play fits almost as well. Suspicion doesn’t really work at all.

Who thought a Buffy book could be such a challenge!

Chevy Volt Gets $250,000 Subsidy For Each Produced!

One of many articles showing Chevy Volt Government Subsidies is: http://www.policymic.com/articles/4982/chevy-volt-on-hold-government-subsidy-fails-to-jump-start-electric-car-demand/category_list

The article states:

…that each Volt sold to date has cost taxpayers $250,000 to produce, according to an analysis by James Hohman of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a nonpartisan nonprofit think tank in Michigan.

Another site mentions that the typical Volt buyer earns $174,000 per year. That means that I and the rest of the middle class are giving $250,000 for each vehicle produced so that a rich guy can get a “deal”.

No one in Washington D.C. represents those of us who work for a living.

Chelsea Clinton is right

LifeNews.com has an article with the following quote:

Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea revealed that her much-admired maternal grandmother was the child of unwed teenage parents who “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

I wish the woman had a Planned Parenthood nearby…

Quick question: Who is the dimmer bulb? Chelsea Clinton or Megan McCain?

Buffy 38 – Gefallene Engel (Fallen Angels)

My German doesn’t seem to be getting much better. I had the Google translation service burning up the bandwidth with this book!

Anya was a key character in this one. Her fear of death is explored nicely. The whole concept of an endless life of evil or a much shorter one as a mortal is front and center.

A nasty piece of work that may or may not be a vampire keeps Buffy on her toes. This character gets more interesting as the story develops. This character’s background story adds some fascinating texture to the plot.

Dawn’s involvement with a spell ritual is also nicely done. The interaction between the three characters in the ritual was enlightening.

This was one of the more enjoyable Buffy books. The author put some effort and thought into it. The action flowed nicely and the characters had some depth.

IE6, Starvation, and Thirst… Can’t wait for Obamacare!

From an article at: http://boingboing.net/

which references an article at:

“UK government online disability benefits signup requires IE6

To claim Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance in the UK people are being asked to use Internet Explorer 5 or 6 and other systems that are so out of date they are available on less than 2% of computers. If you want to claim online you will need to take a step back to the 1990s and hunt through second hand shops for an old PC that you can power up.”

On 6/5/2013, I read the Telegraph’s article about the NHS wards. Government investigations pointed out that, last year, 43 patients starved to death and 111 died of thirst while being treated… The basic reason? Bureaucratic ineptitude.

I hope Obamacare is half as efficient at the British System!