New Reactive Site Layout

It is 1:14 am on 8/27/2013. The new site layout is now in place. When the page is resized, the page is reactive. Go idea? Bad idea? Who knows?

I went with Bootstrap 3, it has some interesting features. I had to replace my megamenu. I really liked that menu…

Buffy 40 – Welle Der Verwüstung (Wave of Destruction)

I was on vacation this week, so I finally knocked off another Buffy book. It was slow going. I think my German is getting worse!

Elf vampires and fairy vampires looking for vengeance on a vengeance demon. You know it could get ugly!

It doesn’t. The story takes forever to go nowhere.

This is not one of the better stories. It had potential because it started with an interesting idea. The author never developed the plot. It was cardboard.

There is one fun quote:

»Verdammtes Ungeziefer« … »Kann man nicht mal bekämpfen, ohne schwul auszusehen!«

translates to:
“damn bugs… Can not even fight it without looking gay”

I’m not even going to discuss the Xander and donut issue!

Automatically Encrypted E-mails in Germany

According to

Deutsche Telekom and United Internet will automatically encrypt/decrypt e-mails between their users. Between them, they handle about 2/3 of the e-mail accounts in Germany.

The important part of the article:

But Computer security specialists said the plan appeared to be little more than a publicity stunt, because the technology being used to encrypt the emails while in transit was outdated and didn’t guarantee they were safe from prying eyes while on the companies’ servers

I hate to break the news to everyone, but it is worse than that. Assume the NSA has the code keys. This is a diversion to make people less nervous, nothing more.

Watching the ZDF broadcasts, I am convinced that the German people are monumentally pissed about the whole spying issue. Watching the German politicians is fascinating. They are trying to simultaneously be outraged while downplaying the seriousness of the issue. I wonder how much of the information is funneled into German intel agencies?

The French government is making a major production out of the issue, but they are even worse than we are!

Personally, I am irritated that the NSA allowed such a worthless bum to access the data in the first place. Sharing the data with the DEA was even more idiotic! You would think that an intel agency would be smart enough to keep the data collection extremely low visibility. If the NSA is going to share the data with other, non-intel agencies, then welcome to big brother, big government tyranny. If there are no limits to the use of the data, then there are no limits to government oppression and intimidation.

If Snowden doesn’t have a fatal accident in the near future, I will have to assume that no one in the American intelligence services has a clue. Bottom line, the intel folks created this mess, they need to clean it up.

If they lose a bunch of funding and have a hell of a lot of scrutiny, they have no one to blame but themselves. If they don’t start acting like intel professionals, they will become a running joke.

It appears that the NSA is like the US government, an organization drowning in its own bureaucratic bloat.

Will the public EVER remove their heads from their primary fundaments and wake the hell up?