Bad Earth series, book 1, Armageddon

I decided to try a new series in German. I read “Armageddon” by Manfred Weinland, the first book in the series “Bad Earth”. The book is 76 full-sized pages.

It was an interesting learning experience because I had to look up a lot of words. My German has a long way to go!

The story line goes something like this:

Mission with the ship ARMSTRONG goes to Mars looking for water for future development on Mars. Mission commanded by Nathan Cloud. Everyone dies.

22 years later, John Cloud, the son of Nathan goes to Mars as crew member of the ship RUBIKON.

A hole forms on Jupiter, shoots a black beam at Earth causing massive problems.

There are some clones running around. It looks like they do the actual exploration while the source of the clones is prions from dead progenitors? I may be wrong about that, I had trouble figuring out what they were trying to say.

There are other things happening, like the female President of the United States… Don’t ask.

All in all, it wasn’t all that interesting. The characters were cardboard cutouts that had no depth and no life. I have no interest in any of the characters. The story moved SLOWLY My bad German did not help this issue!

For now, I will look into other series in German.

Maybe one day I will be bored and try the second volume in this 45 book series. Before I began the series, I looked it up online. There wasn’t much about it so I assume that it wasn’t a super popular series. The series was published from April 29, 2003 through December 2004. I count 15 different authors for the various books.