I have never really thought about the difficulty in determining a syllable.

While looking into the rules for Gibberish on Wikipeida,, I thought about syllable determination.

Lets say you want to write an app to translate to Gibberish. There is a big problem. How do you determine the syllable(s) in an English word? The only way I would have much confidence in would involve a dictionary lookup.

In coding, it is sometimes the most simple things that create the biggest challenges.

Cybersecurity Links

20 Minutos had an interesting article on cyber security. It had quite a few intereting links.

There are a few real gems, for those who look through them.

Encrypt Messages

Search Engines: even has an interesting proxy link on each site listed…


e-mail, hosting, anonymity services, pesonal vpn, messaging

e-mail, news service (VPN, chat, and etherpad)

Do Not Track Plugin:

Social Nets:

Online storage (and DIY versions)
(Mega offers 50 GB online storage for FREE!)

Instant Messaging: (chat while gaming) (Open Source video calss and chat) (Internet VOIP)

15 Children and wants you to support them

Helping people who need it is not a problem. Helping those who plunder social services with a total disregard for any form of responsibility is an entirely different proposition.

37 year old woman with 15 children, 12 living with her. No food, no shoes, no change of clothes for three days…

Her words: “Somebody needs to pay. Somebody needs to be held accountable.”

Give that woman a mirror! Angel Adams reminds me of Michelle Duggar in the UK, but may be far worse!

Angel Adams, mother of 15, accused of battery on a law enforcement officer:
click here to read

A quote from that article:

The unemployed mother first made headlines back in 2010 when she criticized the county for not doing enough to help her, despite having Hillsborough County Welfare to bail her out of debt and giving her a place for her family to stay.

Another article Click here to read has some choice quotes:

Armed only with a middle school education and no job history to speak of, Adams spent the past 21 years of her life mostly pregnant and taking care of children… when she had custody of them.

Adams explained that after her boyfriend, Garry Brown, was arrested and sentenced to prison for selling drugs, she sought and appreciated public assistance, but didn’t like the government intrusion that came with it.

Numbers Stations

Just an observation.

I watched a movie, “The Numbers Station”. I remember running into the numbers stations broadcasts back in the early 1980s, when I was heavily into shortwave and amateur radio.

What is a numbers station?

There are radio stations that send out numeric groups of several digits per line with lots of lines. An real example from a German numbers station:


You get the idea. Covert operatives around the world can use their one-time code pads to get orders. There is no way to completely stop the transmission and the agents do not have to expose themselves to danger because they never have to make direct contact with their handlers nor with a hidden dead drop to receive instructions. The numbers stations are quite active today. If you want to find some of them, with transmission schedules, go to It is very easy to find the location of the number stations. The numbers stations often send QSL cards to those who request them. A QSL card is a postcard that has the station call sign, a graphic of some sort, and an acknowledgement of your radio reception report. To hear a fifteen different broadcasts of several real number stations, go to

Why does any of this matter? Think about it. In this high tech world filled with instant communications and massive bandwidth around the world for each and every internet adventurer, radio is the one of the most trusted methods to past coded instructions around the world. Sometimes we get so immersed in the technologies that we overlook the simple solutions. Does that mean the radio is the answer to internet censorship? No, but it could be a part of the solution.