A for Andromeda

A for Andromeda, BBC, seven part series, 1961.

This is one of the most famous of the BBC’s lost sci-fi mini-series. In 1961, the original A for Andromeda aired. Sometime thereafter, the BBC decided to erase the original copies… The original story can be located in book form and one of the episodes can be found on a DVD as part of a BBC special edition.

A come Andromeda, Italian television station RAI in 1972.

The Italian network, RAI, made their own version in 1972. The mini-series in its entirety can be found on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3t5rmO9Hu0&list=HL1391465987&feature=mh_lolz. It is in Italian, so be prepared. Interestingly enough, it is supposed to have followed the BBC version very faithfully. I don’t speak Italian, but since I’ve read the book, I have the basic idea of what is supposed to happen. I made it through the first two episodes and came to the following conclusions;

There were horrid background noises in bowling alley and in the original visit to the observatory. The next visit to the observatory does not have the background noises.

Paola Pitagora looked good in the hotpants. She was born in 1941, she is
a little older now….

This is classic European sci-fi from the 60s with a slow and laid back pacing. It is quite annoying in some ways.

In 2006, the BBC decided on a remake. It is shorter than the original and threw out some of the cold war spy stuff. It sped up the pacing dramatically. This version is quite approachable for the modern audience.

Double Edged Razors Can Be F-U-N!

I’ve started using a double edged razor and I am impressed. I obtained Merkur blades to start with and then ordered an 80 blade sampler pack from Amazon.


Amazon 80 Sampler

Over the years, I’ve used a straight razor, disposable razors, and electric razors. Every now and then, I find myself going back to the straight razor. I’ve always found the straight razors to be a little too difficult going over the chin. As I’ve gotten older, the skin on the chin has gotten a less tight and made straight razors even more interesting. The electric razors just don’t get the job done for me. The disposable razors work but I know I can find better.

The first DE shave was the bloodiest I’ve ever had! It took a week to recover my ruggedly-handsome good looks. Since then, I haven’t had any issues.

The Merkur blades are sharp and do the job. I look forward to trying the other brands! Once I’ve gone through them, I will post a comparison.