Dogs that don’t bark

Today, I saw three dogs playing my neighbor’s yard. The dogs seemed happy but none of them were barking. I realized that they had probably been subjected to shock collars and thus did not bark anymore. I felt sorry for the dogs.

I then started thinking about how businesses are monitoring their employee’s every working second. I thought of truckers who have monitors on their rigs that show every second of their travel. I thought about companies that monitor every word said by their customer service reps. I thought about companies that time and schedule their employee’s bathroom breaks. I then felt sorry for the American worker.

The only difference between the American worker and the dogs in neutering, at least for now…

TrueCrypt is no longer secure

On 5/28/2014, the stuff hit the fan. The creator of TrueCrypt indicated that the product had been compromised and that users should use Microsoft Bitlocker. I use TrueCrypt…

A more detailed version of the story, with lots of geek comments, can be found at:

There are so many problems with this story. My conclusion is that the NSA didn’t like the program.

For now, I am looking into the following sites;
List of alternatives
Another list of alternatives

I will update when I find a workable solution. For now, I will be using AxCrypt.

Some Thoughts

When a representative democracy has a constitution that is routinely ignored by the powers that be, can that democracy survive?

When the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, Jr., decides that he can selectively enforce laws, can democracy survive? If there is much difference between selective enforcement and tyranny, what is it? When a justice system is biased towards political activism, where is the justice? When due process is a railroad into a liberal Orwellian fantasy, the answer to the question becomes clear.

When congress concentrates on expanding the size of government and exacerbates the nightmare by failing to fulfill any of its regulatory over-site duties and fails to take any responsibility for those agencies created, can the nation survive? When political calculations trump the constitution and the law, what hope is there for democracy?

When national borders and sovereignty are undermined on a daily basis by political hacks seeking campaign donations and wanting to buy voting blocks AT THE EXPENSE OF THE CITIZENS, what hope is there? When STEM workers (science, tech, engineering, and medical) are routinely replaced by foreigners who are in the United States on H-1B visas, what is the point of trying? When the national government actively works against the survival of the middle class, why bother working?

When military adventurism is the rule of the day and American interests are unclear at best and American foreign policy is incoherent, how long can the shell game continue?

It is not a matter of Democrat and Republican. It is not a matter of conservative and liberal. It is a matter of freedom and tyranny.

Wake up America!


According to, ratiocination is defined as:

The process of exact thinking or a reasoned train of thought.

I ran into that word today and realized that I will probably never see it again. I thought I would share it with others.