Dray Prescot series in German – book 1

When I was a teenager, circa 1976-1980, I read the English language version of the Dray Prescot series. It is total popcorn sword fantasy and a lot of fun. I have access to the entire series in German. Interestingly, only 45 of the 53 books were published in English, the German editions include all 53 books.

This looks like an opportunity to revisit a fun series and read a few of the books that aren’t in English!

I just finished the first book, Transit nach Scopio (Transit to Scorpio). It was exactly what I remembered. Simple plots, lots of action, and a popcorn factor that is through the roof.

Let the adventure begin!

I have not been practicing my German lately and this book reminded me of that fact rather aggressively! I spent far more time with Google’s translation page than I am happy with. I will have to do better.

Dray Prescot is an 19th century sailor with a lot of experience on the high seas. One day, he is magically transported to the planet Scorpio. There, he does all of the required hero tasks. He rescues the princess. He fights against slavery. He adjusts some people’s bad attitudes. He ends up with the princess. He ends the book magically transported back to Earth but vows to return to Scorpio and his main squeeze.

Global Warming Hoax

The Telegraph has an article entitled The scandal of fiddled global warming data. The first line after the title is: “The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record.”

This is not the first set of faked data nor the first bunch of scientists playing fast and loose with the numbers. What is stunning to me is just how stupid people who claim to believe in science really are. The environmental models are not even close and never were. The entire basis for warming claims was never questioned. Whenever a scientist doesn’t want questions asked or political advocacy groups start screaming names, you know there are mountains of truth that are hidden behind someone’s political agenda.

Okay. Any questions? Still believe in the religion of global warming?

In the 1970s, it was global overpopulation that would make life impossible by 1982. That scare was based on “The Population Bomb” a best-selling book written by Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich. In 1985, when we were all still alive, I breathed a sigh of relief…

What about the DDT scan that many still don’t understand? The American Spectator has a wonderful article on that subject. This particular scam is killing lots people today, right now. You don’t hear much about it though, do you? Makes you wonder what else you’re not hearing about.

Unfortunately, those who follow the global warming hoax today will be on some other baseless quest tomorrow. They will never understand just how deluded they are. The so called environmentalists will always have a large group of useful idiots to call on.

The Illegal Tide Continues

Let me get this straight. Politicians are in panic mode over the recent happenings in Iraq. Those SAME politicos don’t care about the giant horde of illegals streaming over our American border.

  • All of those new minimum wage workers are invading at a time when American unemployment is between 7% and 20%. They are also completely okay with H-1B visa workers taking American jobs.
  • They don’t care that those illegals are not being screened for disease. They don’t care that both Texas and California are now battling a massive whooping cough outbreak*.
  • They are completely indifferent to the FACT that Mexican gang members are being let into the United States with no questions asked.

To those politicos I have to say, no more. No more American money or blood for foreign interests. No more treating the constitution like a piece of used toilet paper. No more buying votes with the money from future generations.

I pity the people of Iraq, but I don’t believe that people truly understand the game. Yes, I said game. ISIS, the bunch shooting everything up right now, is funded by Saudi Arabia. You know, our allies in the Middle East. ISIS is Sunni. Sunnis are the opposite of Shiites, you know, the guys in Iran that we don’t want to see get more powerful… Beginning to see the picture? If ISIS wins, we hurt Iran’s shot at an easy victory in Iraq when we are gone. If ISIS loses, Iran takes over even faster and we look like idiots for helping Iran. If ISIS wins, we look like we lost the war, the one for which we never really defined any real exit strategy. Either way, we look like powerless eunuchs.

Leave Iraq now! Seal our damned borders. Deport the illegals.

* In defense of the politicos, the state of California claims that the whooping cough outbreak appeared by magic and has no connection to all of the illegals…

Getting Rid of the Love Doll

While at work today, I was thinking. There are those unique individuals who spend their lives living with sex dolls. They don’t have real relationships, just latex friends. Some of those dolls cost up to $6,000. See https://www.realdoll.com for examples.

Lets say you had one of those people as a relative. Lets say the relative dies… You want to get rid of the used love doll quickly and quietly. Oh, oh! You know that you can’t put it in the trash can. Wouldn’t want the neightbors to think you were getting rid of a dead body!

I talked to the people at work. We came up with the following solutions;

  • Try to bury it late at night and hope no one sees you.
  • Drive into a loaded parking lot and drop it in the back of some poor sap’s pickup truck and disappear quickly.
  • Tie a brick to it and drop it off in a neighbor’s swimming pool or a nearby lake.
  • Sell the house. Leave the doll in a room with a locked door.
  • Tie it to some sticks and place it in the garden. Pretend it is a high-end scarecrow.
  • Sell it on ebay.

I wonder if you could put one in a recyclable bin?

WWII Videos on Youtube

Sie kämpften für Deutschland

direct link: http://youtu.be/iSMCjzoEDhg

Erwin Rommel and his “Afrika Korps”

direct link: http://youtu.be/nXsg_5RxdeQ

United States Armed Forces World War II HD Color

direct link: http://youtu.be/xd8H1s9ileM

Recently Discovered Color WW2 Combat Footage [HD]

direct link: http://youtu.be/kKZfsPMfpo0


direct link: http://youtu.be/xQ4ldl12W0I

Luftwaffe “Flieger empor”

direct link: http://youtu.be/-klyiFhkLfk

Webpage with a ton of music links:

Website with a BUNCH of downloadable music:

Horst Wessel Lied (Nazi Anthem)


WWII Radio Broadcast Lessons

I just spent a few hours listening to radio broadcasts from the WWII era. It is always interesting to hear what the people had for their news at the time. Listening to the news reporters discuss the diplomatic options and describe the possibilities, it amazed me how every thought they had was so universally wrong. The most interesting miscalculation was their belief that the Italians would not want the Nazis hanging out in their neighborhood.

At one point, on January 18th 1940, two CBS radio reporters did an strategic analysis of the British and German positions and predicted future military actions. My favorite statement was that it is to the German’s advantage to keep the front as small as possible. Now we know why they weren’t serving in an active military.

Prior to the declaration of war, you hear all of the American leaders and western European leaders really wanting to avoid war. Obviously, they understood the price that would have to be paid. I wonder if current American leaders have even a little bit of that same insight?

I have always respected the fact that the Allies had to be dragged into war kicking and screaming. Those anxious for war make me nervous.