EFF Surveillance Self-Defense

At eff.org, they have posted an excellent series of tutorials, briefings, and overviews related to security. Click HERE to see them.

The current index includes;


  • An Introduction to Threat Modeling
  • Choosing Your Tools
  • Creating Strong Passwords
  • Keeping Your Data Safe
  • What Is Encryption?


  • How to: Circumvent Online Censorship
  • How to: Delete Your Data Securely
  • How to: Encrypt Your iPhone
  • How to: Encrypt Your Windows Device
  • How to: Install and Use ChatSecure
  • How to: Use KeePassX
  • How to: Use OTR for Mac
  • How to: Use OTR for Windows
  • How to: Use PGP for Linux
  • How to: Use PGP for Mac OS X
  • How to: Use PGP for Windows PC
  • How to: Use RedPhone (Android)
  • How to: Use Signal – Private Messenger
  • How to: Use TextSecure (Android)
  • How to: Use Tor for Windows


  • An Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography and PGP
  • Attending Protests (International)
  • Attending Protests (United States)
  • Choosing the VPN That’s Right for You
  • Communicating with Others
  • How Do I Protect Myself Against Malware?
  • Key Verification
  • Protecting Yourself on Social Networks
  • The Problem with Mobile Phones
  • Things to Consider When Crossing the US Border


  • Want a security starter pack?
  • Journalist on the move?
  • Mac user?
  • Journalism student?
  • Online security veteran?
  • Activist or protester?
  • Human rights defender?

Ebola and the Sewage System

People come here from western Africa. A few have the Ebola virus. Their “fluids” end up in a city sewage system. According to this article in the Mail Online, “Ebola can survive on surfaces for almost two months”. Okay, lets say you have rats and other vermin in the city sewage system…

I can think of two very bad scenarios;

One, a rat spreads the disease to other surfaces and other rats and various other critters. If that rat runs around at the place you work and you end up touching something contaminated, bad times follow.

Two, a ambitious cat consumes part of the contaminated rat. If your kid is the one who has the cat as a pet, you may have quite the surprise!

Looking on the internet as to which animals can carry Ebola, the answers are all over the place. Most agree the dog doesn’t. Most agree the cat can carry it but will not be overly adversely affected by Ebola. Pigs are immune but carry it. Many of the answers come down to variations of “but no one really knows”.

Barry and his dumb-ass political appointees at the CDC are clueless.

Magick, Philosophy, and Science – Ideas are a common ground

Just a thought for the day.

Magick dictates that all things are possible, it merely requires the initial idea, and then focus, will, and visualization.

Philosophy indicates that all thoughts are possibilities.

Science is based on the idea that ideas must be explored to form theories that, in turn, must be tested. Those theories that are developed and prove to be correct become the laws of science.

In each case, they start with an idea. In each case, that idea has the potential to be something great.

Those who think that the three disciplines have no areas in common are mistaken.

Norway’s Killer Robot Missile

According to The Local – Norway’s News in English, Norway is developing fighter based missiles that

“… have the ability to identify targets and make decisions to kill without human interference”

I just can’t stand that darned “human interference”. If you can’t trust an automated targeting system to decide whether to kill a bunch of people, who can you trust? What could go wrong?

Machines: 1, Humans: 0

Some days, I wonder if humanity in the process of actively trying to destroy itself.

Shootings in Canada

Let me get this right. The Canadian government immediately calls it what it is, TERRORISM. Our gutless, ultra-liberal, clueless dweeb a/k/a Obama a/k/a “Mr. smart power” equivocates like the political moron that he is.

Canada is more decisive than the United States? I don’t know how much longer this state of utter incompetence can continue.

Our thoughts and condolences are with our Canadian allies.

“…NBC News medical correspondent Dr Nancy Snyderman was spotted grabbing take away, despite being under quarantine for possible Ebola after reporting on the epidemic in Africa.”

The Daily Telegraph has an article click here that makes one’s blood boil:

Spotted…NBC News medical correspondent Dr Nancy Snyderman was spotted grabbing take away, despite being under quarantine for possible Ebola after reporting on the epidemic in Africa.

As far as I am concerned, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and her crew should all be put up against a wall and shot. They knew the dangers to those around them, but they chose to risk spreading Ebola because they wanted some freaking soup!

There is no fate horrible enough for such vile monsters. The so-called doctor should have her medical credentials revolved immediately and permanently.

There are those who say that there is no reason to panic. As long as a person is not exhibiting symptoms, they are not contagious. Okay, I want those saying that to invite the quarantined folks over for dinner with their children. No danger? Okay, prove it you damned liars!

Start Stocking Up on Shotgun Shells and Canned Goods


Doctor Aileen Marty has just come back from Nigeria, right in the middle of an Ebola hot spot. When she goes through the Miami airport, what happens?

In her words: “I get to the kiosk…mark the fact that I’ve been in Nigeria and nobody cares, nobody stopped me”

Yes, that is correct. She walks through the airport and is not given one test.

It is now beyond any possible doubt that the current government leaders are not capable of following through on the simplest protocols. This bodes badly for our future. I now believe it is time to stockpile at least 30 days of food, some N-95 face masks, a good pair of goggles, and some dynarex-Nitrile gloves (heavy duty non-powdered).

This is going to be bad.