Darth Polls Well

The Washington Post is hitting the issues that matter!

Darth Vader is polling higher than all of the 2016 potential presidential candidates. Okay, who is surprised? Every potential candidate is a loser and a weasel. Darth has a movie coming out and has never had to balance a budget.

On a personal note, I’m feeling for Jar-Jar. While never a big fan of his, he is being hosed by this poll. Maybe he should get the same PR guy that Boba Fett has. Boba came in just under Darth. I do wonder if Boba did a Chicago-style adjustment…

As of this moment, 11/30/2014 at 10:26 am cst, we have 782 days until the next president steps up.

Latest German Energy Saving Initiative

The German government has gone around the bend!

Climatedepot.com has an article showing the German’s latest energy-saving initiative. It is a video campaign to encourage everyone to turn off the lights when having sex.

No, I am not kidding. No, it isn’t a joke.

You can go directly to the youtube video at: click here for direct link

You can go to the German government site at: click here.

Ferguson – Obama’s chickens coming to roost

I haven’t followed the Ferguson street theater, I assume most of the idiots are done playing now?

In a CBS Interview in Ferguson, Missouri:

“To be honest, if they don’t come and restore these neighborhoods for these people, like when you gotta go travel miles to Walmart and to get gas and stuff like that, it should be right here. If they don’t restore this community for people who stay here it’s gonna be hell to pay…”

A second protester chimed in:

“Yeah, that’s why people looting, because they can’t get no jobs.”

In all fairness, the three people they were interviewing appeared to be avoiding the riots and stated clearly that they had no intention of getting involved with theft. While I find their statements completely over the top, they are not directly contributing to the violence. On that basis, they do deserve respect, respect for doing the right thing even though everyone around them is doing the wrong thing. In their actions, these three are showing real character.

Their statements, on the other hand, show the real problem. They don’t understand that things may be rebuilt a little, but most of those businesses have no valid financial reason to return. Yes, the really small businesses might be able to make a few dollars in a niche market, but even those folks can’t afford to pay for the property destroyed or the increased insurance rates. Ferguson has made itself a financial abyss. Anyone who wants a job who lives in Ferguson needs to move elsewhere. When there are financial downturns, people go where the jobs are. When the mills closed down in northwest Indiana, people moved. When the auto manufacturers in Detroit started fading, workers moved to other areas. Ferguson is not a place with a future. Thanks to the rioters, it is also not a place with any hope.

Any business that rebuilds in Ferguson is making a mistake. Servicing a community that has poor and determined to be poor, is never going to be a winning proposition. Unless you are a gang-related entity selling illegal materials, why would you bother with Ferguson now?

Obama, the loser-in-chief, by legalizing all of those illegal aliens, sure as hell didn’t help the folks in Ferguson to find a job! Do you think the folks interviewed understand that? It wasn’t the white guy keeping them down, it was their own chosen one sliting their throats.

I note that Missouri has a democrat governor. I note that we have a democrat president. I just went to the Ferguson city webstie. Let me understand this. About 67% of the population in Ferguson in black. Almost all of the people in the city government are white… I looked into the numbers. In the last election, they had a 42% voter turnout. Nationwide turnout was 44%. Pretty much normal there. If the black activists really want change, why not run for office? Naturally, the smart activists know that who ever who serves and mayor or city council member is in a no-win situation. Why would any activist actually work towards a solution when riots are so much more fun?

When the state of Missouri turns on the money train, there won’t be much because Missouri is one of the poorest states in the union. When Obummer and the DC congressional crooks turn on the money train, it will get interesting. Part of me thinks that when the bill comes due for Ferguson, the American people will be mugged. Another part of me thinks that Obama might not have the juice to send all that much money.

In any case, the rioters in Ferguson will enjoy their riot, drink their booze, and then wake up to an even worst community than the one they started with.

Let freedom ring, baby!

Diggin’ Up the Dirt

In this article, Buzzfeed.com has a nice article on Emil Michael, senior exec at Uber. He “suggested that the company should consider hiring a team of opposition researchers to dig up dirt on its critics in the media”.

My attitude is that the only way they can dig up the dirt is if the dirt exists in the first place. The press loves being the only bully on the block. Whenever people start looking into their background, suddenly privacy and propriety are important. How convenient for them… Looks like the rules are changing and what goes around will be coming home to roost.

Let freedom ring baby!

Autonomous Robot Security Guards

Extreme Tech reports that Microsoft has deployed robotic security guards. These 300 pound Dalek knockoffs, go for about 24 hours on one charge. They recharge in twenty minutes.

Cylons, Daleks, M-5, Terminator, Colossus, that computer AI from Demon Seed, Data’s evil brother, and many others have taught us nothing?

Don’t worry. I’m sure there are no hackers already working on subverting these new robots to create machine menaces.

Google’s self-aware cars, Amazon’s drones, and Microsoft’s robot security robots.

Move along, nothing to see here!

Ferguson discussion

I heard a fascinating argument today.

A white Jewish fellow was talking about the entitlement mentality and how it is contributing to Ferguson. He mentioned that slavery is an excuse, not a cause. A black woman, who is not a bad person, went ballistic. Within seconds she had played all of the basic cards;

She called him a racist.
She said that a Jew should understand the black plight.
She said that he was unreasonable and insulting by questioning the slavery card.

He then pointed out that until people get an education, they will not succeed. She immediately pointed out that it is impossible for blacks to get an education without all of the affirmative action benefits.

She never understood what she was saying about blacks. Following her approach to life, blacks can never be equal without white handouts. Slavery ended in 1863. It is now 2014. 151 years later and a couple trillion in spending on the great society, and that is the best blacks can do? I think not.

When liberals say that we don’t have discussions about race, they really need to look into their own actions. If you are going to call everyone who disagrees with you a racist, don’t plan on having any race discussions! If you can’t even talk about other viewpoints, don’t call the other guy narrow-minded! If you are a product of liberal programming, you can have my pity, but you will NEVER have my respect unless you can go beyond that programming.