EFF Finally Says Something About FCC and Net Neutrality

EFF Comments on FCC proposal.

At the end of the brief article:

We are days away from a final vote, and it appears that many of the proposed rules will make sense for the Internet. Based on what we know so far, however, the general conduct proposal may not.

Too little, too late, too damned tepid for my taste. The EFF have thoroughly shot themselves in the foot!

FCC Ready to Wipe Their Asses with the Constitution

The National Review has a horrifying article, FCC Chair Refuses to Testify before Congress ahead of Net Neutrality Vote. That’s right. A federal bureaucrat is refusing to fulfill his constitutional duties. A Republican congress is doing nothing significant to rectify the situation.

The congress is filled with weak men who refuse to do their duty for political gain or out of cowardice. These same people do not serve the American people and they have secret agendas. The constitution is no longer taken seriously. Is anarchy all that far away?

Wasn’t it a great country while it lasted?

Latest update, still not hearing a damned thing from the EFF. What a shocker.

Where is the eff.org?

The FCC power grab is one of the most dangerous moves against freedom in the last twenty years! It is also an attack on the stability of the internet itself.

Why doesn’t the Electronic Frontier Foundation stand up to the Obama lackeys in D.C.? Honesty there are only a few possibilities;

  1. The EFF doesn’t understand what is happening.
  2. The EFF doesn’t have the stones to stand up.
  3. The EFF makes more money when there are issues to fight.
  4. The EFF has an ultra liberal agenda and does not want to rock the boat for their guys in D.C.

If the EFF does not understand what is happening, why have an EFF? They have been around the block often enough to understand EXACTLY what the threat is. When this first came up, they had a big banner on their site saying it was a good thing, as long as the government didn’t abuse it… You know you are shoveling stuff that no one wants to smell when you try that line of crap.

The EFF stands up for some fairly difficult causes. I don’t believe courage is the big factor here.

If there isn’t oppression, why give money to the EFF? I think this may be part of it. Read on, the next item combined with this one might just be the answer.

The EFF wants to back their guys in D.C. Undermine an ultra-liberal Democratic administration? Never!

The next time the EFF sends me an annual membership notice, I will not be sending them any money. They are not worthy of my trust nor of my money.

It turns out that Mozilla, on 2/27/2015, is jumping for joy that the FCC has done their power grab… No one has seen the 300+ page document yet and they are cheering?

Star Trek TOS Patterns of Force

Star Trek the original series, episode 21 in season 2.

Originally aired February of 1968, it was not dubbed into German until 1995. Why? Because of the Nazi uniforms and one character saying that Nazi Germany was the “most efficient society”.

This particular link is to the version in German audio. It is a trip whether you speak German or not.

German version on Youtube.

Go ahead, click on it, I won’t tell.