Perry Unser Mann Im All Nr. 3

Der Stern des tödlichen Glücks
(The star of lethal happiness)

We have an appearance by one of the Galaktischen Medizinern, the galactic physicians. They are really nasty no-good-nics that basically inflict suffering on many while pretending to be helpful to all. In the case of the planet Honur, orbiting around the star named Thatrel, there is a mystery.

Shortly after landing, we meet locals who are peaceful and degenerate. As the crew starts acting as if drunk, Rhodan discovers the planet’s secret. There is a Galaktisch Mediziern presence on planet. Ships are being lured to their deaths.

Let the fun begin…

The story was good and, with reasonable bounds, followed the Perry Rhodan book series. Granted, the Galaktischen Medizinern are far sneakier in the books; the comics have to tell the story more simply and faster.

I ran into 31 new words that I think are worth learning.

In short, I had some fun.

Like a Village

I was just thinking the other day. We have the following occurring in parallel.

In this instant communication age, we are able to communicate with one another the same as if we were all living in a small village. Humanity has never been better able to exchange ideas so easily. This was pointed out in a Real Fluency podcast.

Automation in eliminating the old ways of making a living and being useful. This was pointed out in a Ted video.

Illegals flooding the borders of more fortunate nations is making it tougher and tougher to get by, except for the very rich.

Political leaders of advanced nations are displaying more weakness and ignorance than ever before.

I don’t have any conclusions yet, I’m just wondering what putting those facts together leads to. I’m not thinking the answer is a pleasant one.

Automation has a bright future, but do we?

Watch the associated videos, come to the following conclusions;

Unemployment during the 1929 depression, 25%.
Percentage of workforce that can be replaced in less than 20 years with automation, 45%.

The rapid social and economic changes that are on the way can not be over estimated! There WILL be social upheaval and problems. We are all about to live in interesting times.

Filmed February 2013 at TED2013
Andrew McAfee: What will future jobs look like?

Humans Need Not Apply

Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs?

Security guards? Extreme Tech has a nice article about the autonomous robot security guards being deployed by Microsoft.

Customer service reps are being out sourced and then being replaced with automation.

The self-driving Google car tells you that the transportation industry isn’t a good place to be. There are 3 million people in transportation in the United States, 70 million world-wide.

Warehouse workers need only see the Amazon floor to see that few have a future. HERE is a day in the life of a Kiva robot.

Baristas? There are already machines that do your job and remember each customer’s preferences.

Those who write reports and articles are also on the way into the unemployment line as well. Software already writes corporate reports, newspaper articles, and sports summaries.

Are you a legal professional, sorry, there is software doing discovery, document generation, and serving as research bots.

We are suffering a shortage of doctors, but then again, there are already programs doing diagnosis and having a better read on drug interactions than any human.

At least the creative artists are safe, right? Not so fast artistic one! HERE is an collection of mp3 files that show you what a computer can create. HERE are 5000 works created by the Emily Howell software program!

Al Gore into punishing thought crimes has an interesting article quoting the always entertaining but never honest fiend Al Gore:

“We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’”
“politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science,’”

No Al, your climate change scam is way past its sell-by date. The only “accepted science” is the science of measuring your income and jet trips around the world vs reality. The less reality you sell, the more money you make and the more jet mileage you rack up.

Sorry Al, your ultra-left police state isn’t quite yet in place. Given another ten to fifteen years, maybe.

Hey, Al Gore, ultra-left thought police tyrant wannabe. Your ecco-tyranny will not stand!