Chinese tattoo fails

There is a reason that you should not get tattoos, unless you read Chinese.

See the link for major fails. You don’t want to be salty beef crap!

For those who would like to enjoy some messed up Chinese character signage,

Navy Using Windows XP until at least 2017

The Hill, has a terrifying article: Navy pays millions to keep using Windows XP.

Navy will spend between 9 million and 30 million by 2017 to continue using 100,000 Windows XP machines.

“…to ensure Navy warfighters have connectivity to their respective networks…”

Any large organization that has not migrated by NOW, should close its doors today. Such a lack of security in the United States Navy is beyond imagination. Any large organization must have upgrade plan in place LONG before Microsoft creates a new version of Windows.

If anyone wants to know why the Chinese were able to obtain pretty much everything from the United State government computers, I don’t think they need to think all that hard. Our government is neither serious nor competent.

When the crap hits the fan, it is going to be ugly.

I work at Windows and I am calling you about your computer

People call with really strong Indian accents claiming to be employees of “Windows”. What they really are is scammers trying to find innocent victims. They are among the lowest of scum.

I had the chance to use to use a Hindi curse word before hanging up. I no longer hate those calls, I find them a fun adventure in using a foreign language to communicate my thoughts clearly.

Bookmark the site and enjoy your next call from a “Windows” employee!

The confederate flag dies, now everything is fine

The destruction of black families leads to poverty, crime, illiteracy, and misery. No problems here.

Black on black crime statistics are so bad that the lefties start screaming “racist” the second the issue is raised. No problems here.

What? There are confederate flags in the South? Heaven forbid! This is a real issue! We must eliminate this flag! Amazon, e-bay, every politician and God knows who else will have to jump on this bandwagon! This is the most pressing of issues! One might ask about the Che Guevara, Lenin, Stalin, and Soviet propaganda collectibles…

The only thing I picture when I think confedrate flag is war re-enactors, the Dukes of Hazard, and worthless one-time legal tender that has some minor historical interest.

I really don’t care about the confederate flag one way or the other. The fact that such a minor issue becomes a juicy piece of bloody meat thrown to the idiot masses is a concern. If you don’t understand that, I have both pity and contempt for you.

Perry Unser Mann Im All Nr. 12

Grauen an Bord

Auf dem Planeten Eppan, haben wir ein Gladiator, USO-Agenten, Perry Rhodan, Bully, und das Raumshiff FAUNA.

Der Gladiator, Mataal, ist nicht was sie sehen… Mataal befehle der USO-Agenteben,
Sam Goldstein.

Der USO-Agenten bringt tode zu Mataal. Alles ist gut.

Die Atlan Story
Atlan und Quinto-Center wurde vom Katzenwesen überfalle. Perry sehe Atlan in ein Traum. Angriff kaputt.

As you can see from the text above, I am attempting to use my limited German to summarize the story. Pigeon German anyone?

El Orden Estelar 01 – Rebeldes en Dangha

He leido El Orden Estelar 01, Rebeldes en Dangha, por Ángel Torres.

Nuestra heroe, teniente Lemmy ha graduado de la Academia Imperial
de la Tierra. Gresh Lemmy, hijo de un heroe de el Imperio quien ha morido luchando por más de cien planetas, puede escoger algunas posicion que queria. Él escogía la planeta Dangha. Todos piensan Él esta locura… La planeta tiene una rebelíon activo, ley marcial, y muchos nativos enojado.

Traición, el asesino, el engaño, todas las cosas típico de Imperio está en el libro.

En el prologo:

“…recuerda poderosamente a la de la España celtíbera
sometida a la rapacidad de los pretores romanos durante
los años inmediatemente posteriores a su conquista.”

*Note: Celtiberia fue prerromano área en españa.

El Imperio es podrido. Va ser tiempos malos en el futuro…

El cuento fue interesante y un poco emocionante en partes. El termino del cuento fue demasiado rápido. No puedo determinar si el heroe fue inteligente or estúpido. Él fue alli, pero todas las demás personas que hicieron el pensamientos…