Race in America

Usually, when you write anything that touches on race, the first thing you do is proclaim, “I am not a racist”. Then, if anyone wants to disagree with you, they immediately call you a racist anyway.

I’m just going to skip that first step and say the following. I don’t care for people from Canada. I consider them to be an ungrateful suburb of the United States. While they have some great beer, fine hockey, and make the sport of curling look fun, I still consider them to be the ass-hats of North America.

I note that there is not a minority that does not have some people who have served in the United States military with honor. I further note that I have never found any race to be all that homogeneous. With the exception of cosmetic attributes, there just isn’t all that much difference between races.

I have noticed that there are people who make a living by doing everything they can to divide the races. Those race hustlers and protest pimps never seem to make anything better and continually exacerbate problems by doing everything they can to undermine anyone who isn’t of their “oppressed” race. None of these race pimps ever support anyone not of their race. These cretins are the first to scream “racism”, whenever they can get some mileage out of it, facts be damned.

Messy Jessie Jackson and Fat Al Sharpton would never fit into such a category. Fat Al’s defense of Jewish store owners in New York… No, never mind. At least Jessie has stood up for a white guy, Bill Clinton. That is the ONLY white guy he has ever stood up for, and that was a political convenience. Well, at least they have helped race relations… No, no they haven’t. At least no one can claim they use racial strife to promote themselves and hustle donations… Well, yes one could say that, couldn’t they?

When it comes to race, it is really simple. If you genuinely believe that messy Jessie and fat Al are good people and real community leaders, you will consider me a racist and I will consider you to be a mental defect. If you aren’t willing to let messy Jessie and fat Al hide behind charges of racism as they make the country into a cesspit of racial division, then we might just get along.

That is my opinion. You didn’t pay anything for it, so you won’t be getting any refunds.

Digging Up General Nathan Bedford Forrest

I was reading an article, http://www.theamericanmirror.com/impatient-protesters-begin-digging-up-confederate-generals-grave-themselves/. Apparently, there are some protesters who started digging up the grave of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest on their own. The city council of Memphis voted to move the grave off of city property, but the protesters don’t want to wait…

One of the quotes in the reader’s comments section sums up the issue eloquently:

White privilege is being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by blacks who accept no responsibility for the acts of their children.

When we get to the point that we are digging up the graves of people who have been dead for over a hundred years, it is time to seriously wonder how long until the whole damned corrupt system collapses in a flurry of bullets and carnage. Simple rule, if you keep feeding the political correctness alligator, it will get bigger and eventually eat you.

If Memphis goes the way of Baltimore, I will be neither surprised nor sympathetic.

All of these sideshows do nothing to work on the real issues facing this nation and its people. Frankly, I worry more about unemployment, public debt, terrorism, and Washington D.C.’s continual desire to get involved in foolish foreign adventures.

I wonder if one, just one, of the idiots advocating the moving of the body gives a damned about jihadist or ISIS? I wonder if any one of them even knows what Sharia law is? If I were General Forrest, I might not want to be anywhere near people this stupid.

Just remember the phrase from Gremlins II: “We are recommending that our clients stock up on shotgun shells and canned goods.”

What a mess.

Android GPS Tracking

If you have an Android registered to a gmail account, do the following;

Log into your gmail account

click on this link: https://maps.google.com/locationhistory/b/0

Pick a date where you did lots of traveling.

You will see a map of the locations you went and the paths you took to get there. While I can see the usefulness of this information, I object to the fact that I have not signed off on this tracking information being saved and used by Google.

Just though everyone should know.

I have a screen-capture video showing the tracking information on a timeline.

Click HERE to view screen video.

Chicago Cloud Tax

I wish this was April 1st. I wish that this was a joke. Unfortunately, the brain trust that is Chicago has gone off the deep end.

Chicago creates “cloud tax” of 9% on Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming entertainment providers. It also creates a 9% tax on businesses that “…pay to use databases online”.

Slashdot mentions it: http://apple.slashdot.org/story/15/07/02/2247213/can-new-chicago-taxes-on-netflix-apple-spotify-withstand-legal-challenges

Think about it. If your business uses online database, there is a 9% tax. There are many ways to define a database when one is talking about the tax man’s version of a database.

This is bad for business, bad for cloud providers and developers, and bad for Chicago. All I can thing is that Detroit will soon have company.

Any business with a branch in Chicago has some serious thinking to do.