Shaun King, that crazy white guy!

BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZER, SHAUN KING, as white as a fresh snow in the depths of winter. A well researched article at Re-NewsIt! tells the tale.

Isn’t it nice to know that a white guy pretending to be a black guy to organize the most reactionary and thugish black folks into a movement based on lies, more lies, and even more lies.

The circus continues!

Firefox clicks on-hover, like it or not!

Recent versions of Firefox, and one would assume Seamonkey, do the equivalent of clicking on ANY link you hover over. It is done to preflight the site before you click. Sounds good until you realize you are clicking on one-click purchase items and God knows what else! has very good coverage of this issue. Highlights of the linked article include:

Unlike older versions of Firefox, more recent versions will make a request to a destination server just by hovering over a link. No CSS, no JavaScript, no prefetch required.

There is also a link, click here, to Mozilla’s own site that tells you how to deal with the issue.

1. Type "about:config" into the address bar (and you'll see a list of variables)
2. Copy'n'paste "network.http.speculative-parallel-limit" into the search bar at the top of that page and hit Return
3. You'll now just have that one line on the page. Double-click it (or right click on it and select "Modify")
4. A box pops up, you change the value to 0, and hit OK.

NOTE: The first time you look at "about:config", Firefox might show a dialog such as, "This might void your warranty".  Just click-on-through to the other side!

Amnesty International Wants to Decriminalize Prostitution

While browsing German news articles, I ran into this one at Deutschland Funk.

The gist of the article is that Amnesty International is continuing to work to decriminalize prostitution world-wide…

After seeing the mess the Germany has with legalized prostitution and the massive problem of under-aged sex workers, you would think they might just want to change their position on that. The idiots at Amnesty International are creating a worse situation for everyone. Some might note that the problems they are creating will keep them in business for a very long time… Maybe they do know what they are doing?

The group does know just what a controversy their stance is causing for them. Many have come out and stated that they have undermined their own credibility with this stance.