Fun times in Madrid!

It’s nice to know that other countries have the same type of crazy as we do… In Spain, they are doing a bunch of protests against violence against women. It is a problem and no one can argue for violence against women.

In Spain, they have the same feminist-agenda nut bags that we have in the United States. They are using the legitimate cause to sell their crazy anti-male agenda.

20 Minutos has a nice article showing the backlash. Now some person or persons are painting “STOP FEMINAZIS” in the most interesting of places… The militant feminists are not taking it well.

If you can’t stand the painted tag lines, get out of the protest!

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

It is a trade deal supported by both the Democrats and the Republicans in D.C. that erodes what little goodwill that the citizens have left.

The corrupt politicos like to claim that 95% of consumers are outside of the United States. What they don’t mention is that 70% of those people earn $10/day or less. 45% of those same people earn $2/day or less.

How is someone with NO disposable income going to buy American?

With no borders and no constitution, the rage builds. Bureaucracy grows as does discontent and unemployment. A more and more imperial senate and aristocratic president play meaningless games while real workers and citizens suffer. The illegals entering the nation, that many politicos believe will re-elect them, add to the chaos. The national chamber of commerce adds gasoline.

An associate, who is a LEGAL immigrant once made a prescient observation: “When the shooting starts here, it isn’t going to stop for a long time…”

As another associate is fond of saying, “Let freedom ring baby!”

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (14th century)

This tome is one of the four great Chinese classics. It is not a fun read and it says lots of bad things about Chinese government during the time of the fall of the Han dynasty.

I have the 120 chapter version. Around chapter 80, I really had to start forcing myself to continue. At the beginning of Chapter 116, I decided to call the game and move on.

The stories are repetitive and mention people and family lines that are nothing to me.

The stories are straightforward in that everyone is either incompetent, treacherous, or in most cases, both. The surprises are created by the ministers, court officials, and generals that were truly masters of misinformation, misdirection, and misappropriation!

To have even the smallest chance of figuring out how any player was going to react, one would have had to, at a bare minimum, factor in the following;

  • family connections
  • clan interests
  • friendships/alliances (including civil, military, familial, and political)
  • duties (including civil, military, familial, and political)
  • the city or cities associated with the person and all of the interests above
  • state of the Empire and the Emperor

NOTE: At the time of this book, the Emperor is always weak but is often surrounded by very fierce folks who had no problem usurping his authority. Thus, “state of the Emperor” can be many things to many people.

Once those things are factored in, one should anticipate the following challenges and pitfalls;

  • plots
  • poison
  • murder
  • portents
  • advisors with one or more agendas
  • eunichs with one or more agendas
  • war
  • treachery
  • betrayal
  • famine
  • diesease

Misery, rebellion, and treachery. The guys in this book make the machinations of the Roman Empire look like a friendly square dance at a family picnic!

It is going to take be a long time to digest what I’ve read. The one observation I have right now is that the Chinese belief in “rectitude” is clearly shown throughout this tome from Hell. The one guy no one in their right minds would want to be is a Chinese Emperor. His “rectitude” is pretty much the whole game. Beyond that, the emperor was expected to sit back and let everyone else make the decisions. Since everyone around the emperor is a opportunistic animal, this has problems…