Perry Unser Mann Im All Nr. 16

Crets letzter Kamf, translates to: Krest’s Last Battle.

In the book series, Krest’s last gasp was well written. The comic was not badly done. In a few words with a few graphics, they attempted to show the heart of a complicated character. While it is no where close to the book for intensity, it didn’t do a bad job of telling the tale.

The second story, Die Mordroboter was really, really bad. I will say nothing more about it.

How are they going to pay for all of these military adventures?

I’m watching the 12/15/2015 Republican under-card debate.

Does one of these Republican candidates that want a much deeper war in the Middle East and wants a massive military buildup have a damned clue how they are going to pay for any of this?

We have created a politically correct military. We have used those troops to death. We have taken the warrior spirit and replaced it with betrayal after betrayal.

How about we outsource the VA, bring our troops home, and mine our borders? Let Muslims stay in the Middle East and fight their own God Damned battles.

If these idiots want to fight in the Middle East, then launch nuclear ICBMs and be done with it.

Not one more drop of American blood! Not one more American dollar!

Perry Unser Mann Im All Nr. 15

Die Kosmische Hexe

Rhodan and company go into space cloud. Taken by androids and forced to fight in arena. Run into the witch running the planet. Find out her main squeeze, now a ugly mutant from too many self experiments, is really in charge.

Kill a futurist version of a killer catfish and escape planet. Visuals make it look like witch/queen is really really greatful to Perry…

The Atlan/USO story: SOS von James Planet

Reference to Echsengötter, lizard gods, makes the story original.

Basically a lizard race, the Topsis, are creating a mining planet. Since there are already low tech inhabitants, that is illegal. Atlan takes care of business.

Perry Unser Mann Im All Nr. 14

Der Zweikampf

Short version, Atlan escapes captivity on Earth and goes to Venus with Cosmic Biologist Marlis Genter. Rhodan tracks him down and physical brouhaha ensues. Rhodan wins, of course. Other than that, not much happened in that story.

The Atlan/USO story, Die Logik des Robots was pretty lame. Positronic unit takes over construction of a site somewhere. Enslaves humans. Atlan to rescue.

Not much to that story either.

My language learning is paying off. I didn’t use the google translation more than three or four times during the entire comic book.

Detroit illiteracy rate at 47%

Union Strong!

I don’t think so!

An article CBS Detroit mentions the following:

Approximate 47%, nearly 200,000 people in Detroit are functionally illiterate. That means “they can’t fill out basic forms, read a prescription, or handle other tasks most Americans take for granted…”

The article also mentions “Some of the Detroit suburbs also have high numbers of functionally illiterate: 34 percent in Pontiac and 24 percent in Southfield.”

The solution in many people’s minds is more government involvement. Think about it, the same people who have created schools that don’t teach and serve as political coffers for union votes are going to “fix” the problem?

Are the people running those schools part of the 47% that are functionally illiterate? Unless the entire approach to education is changed, lots of bulldozers and pavement will be Detroit’s future. Generations of youngsters caught in the nightmare that is Detroit will not be educated and will not have any future.

The next time a politician talks about helping another country, point to Detroit. The next war some idiot wants to throw, point to Detroit. When King Barry talks about climate change, screen “BULLSHIT” and point to Detroit.

Has Detroit been run into the ground by liberal politics and Unions gone wild? Yes! Does that mean that we can ignore the problem? No, we can not. I would MUCH rather see what can be done to clean up the mess that is Detroit than invest one dollar in some Middle Eastern or African hellhole.