What Trump Could Mean for the Future

What does Trump signify for the future of politics United States? Everyone has pretty much missed the boat. Trumps candidacy may succeed, it may fail, but who really cares?

During the last 30 years, jobs and workplaces have undergone major changes. Almost every job has been changed by technological and cultural shifts in society and by an insane amount of legislation. The one class that’s always been protected, that’s never had to sacrifice, never had to explain itself, just met Trump.

What happens when all of the voters who are angry, which is pretty much all of them, decide to do something? In the past, it would have meant a new administration and we would’ve heard slightly different speeches for a term or two. But now we have a new dynamic that changes everything. What happens when the Internet generation decides to streamline politics eliminate bureaucracy?

Politicians, meet your worst nightmare! Imagine a nation where one does not have to have a major political party to register in all of the states and territories for presidential run. Imagine the nation whose government runs at Internet speeds not a glacial sprints. By shaking things up and making people think, Trump may have given us the greatest gift of all. There is potential for greatness, if we have the courage and the creativity to utilize it.

The establishment in both parties fears that more than any one election or any candidate.

I am aware that that same voter anger can also lead to revolution. Those tend to be messy and end with things worse than when the shooting started.

Face it, we are living in interesting times.

Let freedom ring, baby!

This can not continue

We are doing what? Yahoo.com has an article that basically says Tunisia Border complements of Uncle Sam.

“The United States has agreed to fund a multi-million-dollar project to install an electronic security surveillance system on Tunisia’s border with strife-torn Libya…”

We can’t have a border but they can? Why do I give a damned about Tunisia? Answer, I don’t! I would rather spend the money on a massive installation of razor wire and land mines on our border…

How much longer can America be bled by corruption and political elitism? Looking at the Asian banks move away from the dollar…

Let freedom ring, baby!

Brazil is a complicated country

I just finished watching a youtube video, “Brazil’s Government is Falling Apart…and it’s Good News?”.

The video is fascinating. It gives a good overview of how Brazil got into the state that it is in. WELL WORTH WATCHING!

During the video, two different Brazilian politicians are quoted;

In Brazil, when a poor man steals he goes to jail.
When a rich an steals he becomes a minister.

Lula Da Silva

I steal but I deliver.
Paulo Maluf

Soviet T-72 Tanks

Okay, this one is FANTASTIC! You can purchase T-72 tanks, fully operational except for disabled main cannon, for as little as $50,000.

YOU could be the first kid on you block to own one!

Anyone thinking about buying me one as a surprise, please get the rubber tracks as well. Our local roads will thank you!

King Rat

I’ve just finished reading King Rat, by James Clavell. Since he spent three and a half years in Changi Prison in Singapore as a POW, he was well qualified to write the story that he did. The book describes the world the he lived in this fictionalized account. It describes the different ways that people dealt with, or failed to deal with, extreme conditions.

Reading the DVD insert for Shogun, I found out something quite surprising to me:

In Singapore’s infamous Changi prison camp, only one in fifteen of the 150,000 Allied prisoners-of-war survived… James Clavell spent the last three-and-a-half years of World War Two in the camp…

In the book, King Rat, a death rate of 90% is mentioned. An article on Wikipedia says it was incredibly low. Since I can not get firm numbers from any source, I’m pretty damned sure that the 90% number is closer to the truth.

This book was very well done.

Mexico, Our New Manifest Destiny

An article Bloomberg mentions:

Mexican diplomats are mobilizing for the first time to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.

Mexico is the same nation that is brutal in repressing illegal immigration into their country. Now that country has decided to take the gloves off and do whatever they can to subvert the will of the American people…

So be it.

Since the internal policies of this nation are now the province of the Mexican government, maybe it is time to consider plan B:

  • Mexico has many natural resources. Included in those resources are raw materials and wonderful prime real estate.
  • Mexico is easily accessible to American military forces.
  • Their government is more corrupt than ours, and thus more unstable.
  • Since they have so many of their people in this country, they can’t complain if we go over the southern border to “help” our neighbor. After all, they are the ones that don’t want a border…
  • A “war on drugs” would be the perfect cover, I mean excuse, I mean legitimate concern under which to begin our “assistance program”.
  • We would need to stabilize things quickly, so we would need to disempower their politicians quickly. Icing on the cake!
  • Unemployment in this nation would no longer be a major issue. We will need teachers, soldiers, businessmen, bureaucrats, and builders.
  • We will undergo a cultural renaissance and a political rebirth.

Let the battle for Mexico begin! A new Manifest Destiny is at hand!

Thank goodness the Mexican government made is all possible! I want to thank Vicente Fox and the rest of his political leeches for the opportunity that they have given us. Good thing we don’t have a border…

Since making this post, I’ve started looking into the idea online to see if anyone else is going in the same general direction. Oh boy, there are lots of people thinking in that direction. Our downtrodden brothers in Mexico might just get a chance to be Americans, all at once.

While I greatly prefer blended whiskey, I am willing to occasionally drink tequila. Let freedom ring baby!