Office 365 Security Issue Left Accounts Open for at least Seven Hours has a article that is bound to get one’s attention.

“Office 365 Flaw Allowed Anyone To Log In To Almost Any Business Account”

On January 5th, 2016, seven hours after being notified of the security flaw, Microsoft had resolved the issue. It affected users who had configured domais as federated. Put simply, if you are using Office 365 for a unified login on your network, your accounts were vulnerable.

Among those affected were Telefonika, Caltex Australia, Aston Martin, Helly Hansen, Georgia State University, Japan Airlines, Santa Clara County, City of Chicago,IL, British Airways, Microsoft, Vodafone, Verizon and many others.

Note, a far more technical and full explanation is presented on the Economy of Mechanism site.

The bottom line is this. Online resources will always have potential security issues. As someone with experience as an administrator for over 25 years, I can guarantee that that is also the case with local servers. In this case, I am not overly worried, because I’ve always avoided federated domains to avoid just this type of issue…

Is your data safe? For the most part yes. I guarantee the large online providers like Microsoft are doing their best. They wrote the software you are using and understand it better than any of us do.

Carly laid off 30,000 at HP

Cruz’s VP choice of Carly Fiorina tells me everything I need to know. When every establishment elitist suddenly started supporting Cruz, I started asking questions. When Bush and Graham supported Cruz, there was an elitist establishment stench permeating everything. The Carly choice verified that Cruz is NOT THE REAL DEAL.

Michelle Malkin tells it the way it is and details the problems with Carly.

This video tells the story of the 30,000 laid off:

direct link

DREAM Act/Amnesty. Fiorina supported in-state tuition discounts for illegal aliens during her Senate bid and heartily “applauded and saluted” the Gang of Eight mass illegal alien amnesty/guest worker visa bonanza in 2013 on liberal network MSNBC.

Fiorina endorsed the Obama Race to the Top program that provided billions in subsidies to states as inducements to adopt Common Core

She was a major advisor to McCain when he supported every damned Government bailout and stimulus spending program.

She expressed “Admiration and empathy for Hillary Clinton.” WTF? Any questions people?

She was kissing Jesse Jackson’s ass the entire time she was at HP. Considering all of the Americans that she laid off, that makes BOTH of them look like the scum that they are. They should both be ashamed.

Fiorina said she would have voted for reliable liberal SCOTUS justice and longtime open-borders champion Sonia Sotomayor.

Perry Unser mann Im All Nr. 22

Perry Unser Mann Im All Nr. 22
Die Toten leben -The Dead Live

Gewöhnlich, der Robotregent macht Schwierigkeiten. Diese zeit, der Robotregent brauche hilfe.

Taloman is androide arbeiter für Robotregent. Talomon fahren mit Rhodan zu Planet Mirsal in Arkon-system. Sie fenden parallel planet. Rhodan hilfe Talomon. Alles gut.

Die Atlan Geschichte, Die Wilden von Saphir war in Ordnung. Der beginnt von der neu tief tier Intelligenz auf Planet Erde ist mit eine Gruppe der experimentierfreudigen Centauri-Gnomes

$5, $10, and $20 Dollar Changes

Since Obama, the idiot-in-chief, is designing new bill designs to reflect American Values, I thought I should offer some suggestions;

On the $5 bill, how about Monica Lewinsky with a nice blue background. Nothing reminds one of Bill’s time in the White House like Lewinsky does. Maybe a black beret on the back of the bill?

On the $10 bill, how about Hillary standing in front of a Federal penitentiary? She could be holding the hand of her BFF Huma. They could both be wearing jumpsuits. Maybe orange jumpsuits. Maybe they should be kissing? We wouldn’t want to ignore the lesbian groups!

On the $20 bill, how about Obama dressed as a court jester, bowing to all. Since the race-baiting idiot has done such damage to the country, I don’t see what image could better represent his time in the oval office.

Who am I kidding? Since Obama doesn’t believe in borders nor in Sovereignty, why not just use Mexican Pesos?

The reality of the situation is that the 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills should be changed far more often. They are the most counterfeited, so I say change them every ten years. Since the value of those bills is less and less each day, none of this will truly matter in the end.

Let Obama play. This is one of the least significant things he will do during this time in the White House.