Sex slaves permissible

Ali Hammuda, Imam at a mosque in Cardiff, says You can have sex slaves. Naturally, no one cares…

Okay. Glad we have that all settled.

When the shooting starts, is ANYONE going to be surprised?

Merkel, Obama, Cameron all advocate for unlimited immigration. Diseases, not just of the body, are always ignored. To point out the disgusting third world oppression of women and others is racist and islamophobic.

Any woman who supports unlimited Muslim immigration must put on a burqa and shut the hell up. Maybe one of the Muslims in Cardiff will take them into their harem. Any man who supports unlimited Muslim immigration is a eunuch and should be treated as such.

Like it or not, we are creeping towards one of two scenarios. One involves the elimination of western culture, with all of the fun chaos that goes with that. The other involves the ruthless suppression of the sixth century Muslim religion AND ITS SUPPORTERS.

Let freedom ring baby!

Another Attack In Germany

The title tells the tale, Syrian ‘Refugee’ Machetes Woman To Death, Injures Two More In Germany.

Just one question. When you keep adding more and more “lone wolves”, when does it become a pack?

Something that Germany’s “Lugepresse” might want to think about.

Note. Germans have started talking more and more about “die Lugepresse”, which translates as “the lies press”. For some reason, many Germans believe that they are not being told the truth…

Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Programmer Analysts

This article at lists the jobs MOST threated by H!B visa abuse.

Hot H1B Jobs in IT & Math
Programmer Analyst 38,172
Software Engineer 21,973
Software Developer 10,706
Computer Programmer 8,756
Systems Analyst 8,579
Computer Systems Analyst 5,020
Business Analyst 4,111
Technology Analyst – Us 3,983
Senior Software Engineer 3,734

This shows just SOME of the jobs stolen from Americans in 2016 by organizations that are abusing the H1B Visa system. For detailed answers about specific jobs, areas, and organizations, go to

If the next president does not fix this issue, the country will burn. No nation can survive when the jobs are given to foreign temp workers. If American citizenship means nothing, then a nation ceases to exist. Globalists love that concept. We can be one hulking mass of cheap labor for a very few extremely rich.

Thomas Jefferson put it best:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Let freedom ring baby!

“Okay, I will destroy all humans.”

Sophia, an AI robot admits in an interview that it is willing to destroy all humans.

direct link

Okay, maybe a couple of patches are needed. So the intelligent machine wants to destroy humans. We all have a few issues. This model will be an immediate hit in the terrorist world. I can imagine it now. There will be AI units killing humans all over the place in the name of terrorism. It won’t be the machines that decide to destroy us, it will be us using them to destroy us. What a relief! I would have hated for them to do it on their own!

We are so screwed!