The future of “th”, “l”, and “t”

Breitbart has an article about spoken English in England, circa 2050:

the “th” sound will have vanished from the English spoken in London… One of the first things to go will be the “th” sound, which will be replaced with “f”, “v” or “d”, so “mother” could become “muvver” and “think” will evolve into “fink”.

the letters “l” and “t” will be dropped from the ends of words, so “text” will be “tex” and the name “Paul” will be the same as “paw”.

They also cite The Telegraph article for even more language changes.

The Telegraph reports that Multicultural London English, which is influenced by the capital’s Asian, African and Caribbean communities, will also soften some words so “cute” will be pronounced “coot” and “beauty” becomes “booty”.

Okay, we will need to have all of the futuristic sci-fi that is in English AND uses trailing “l” or “t” words, or any words beginning with “th” re-shot immediately. The time traveler flicks will also need to be modified, but only the sections covering 2050 and later…

I believe the biggest offender will be The Time Machine, 1960 version. A later follow up with the 1978 made for tv version and the 2002 version will also need to be redone.

Do you think it will be a lot of trouble to re-shoot all of the Star Trek series? Maybe they can just dub over existing footage…

The article did not mention if the letters would disappear from the written form of English…

Thank goodness we can all fall back and use Latin. No foreigners have messed with it for at least 100 years. One good thing about dead languages, they don’t evolve.

Real Humans a/k/a Äkta Människor, season 2

I’ve just finished watching the second season of Real Humans a/k/a Äkta Människor. It is in both Swedish and German. I have enough German to fake it. The series is shot in Sweden and is a Swedish production. Fifty different countries have bought rights to the series which may mean access the this series or licensing to make there own version. In the United States, where I am, the UK variant, called Humans, is playing.

Short version of the plot is as follows. Near future Sweden with androids, called Hubots, are common. They look human, can act human, and are intelligent. They are programmed to follow orders. Throw in a virus and some black market deals and we are off to the races.

BRILLIANT! The characters are all believable. The story line is well thought out and thoughtful. The questions raised are the right ones. The interactions between the humans, the Hubots, and the humans and Hubots are quality interactions all the way through.

Ethical questions like, sex with Hubots good or bad? Can Hubots experience love? Can people and Hubot fall in love and marry? If you kill a Hubot it is just property damage, right?

They were planning on a third season, but it looks like they won’t be able to make it happen. The second season ended a little abruptly but all of the major questions were dealt with.

This is a MUST SEE series. I doubt that the series Humans can compete with the series Real Humans, because Real Humans pretty much did EVERYTHING right.

Allowed to drive away…

You are white and want to survive a riot? This fellow with big balls, a gun, and an iron determination shows us the way. This article in the Daily Mail is beautiful:
He was allowed to drive away alive.

direct youtube link

North Carolina law states ‘You may not carry a weapon during civil disorder, riot, or other disturbance involving three or more people.’ A question for the dumbass North Carolina lawmakers: When would you most need a fucking gun? WHEN PUBLIC ORDER BREAKS DOWN, IT IS TIME TO POP SOME CAPS IN PUNK’S ASSES! If the man in question actually followed the law, he might be dead.

The person who shot the video is a woman complaining about the man breaking the law and interfering with a peaceful protest. Peaceful my ass! If you block traffic, you are interfering with my right to free travel and interstate commerce. What the video actually showed was that fact that while cops stand around, citizens MUST do what they must to protect themselves.

There is another video of a white man pleading for mercy as he is beaten.

There is another video of rioters trying to throw a cameraman into a fire.

A CNN reporter attacked on air.

“Protesters” shut down I-85…

What do we hear from the great divider? What do we hear from the affirmative action president? What do we hear from the great big bloviator, that callow youth of privilege? Nothing. Seeing how he turns everything he touches to shit, maybe that is the one good piece of news.

Racial division in this country was going away. Obama has guaranteed that there will be violence and blood for the next decade. NEVER forget who is really killing blacks, it isn’t the cops and it isn’t white folks…

Pity the cops and the regular working people who live in that area. They are the ones who will suffer while the rioters go on their merry way destroying the fruits of the labors of others. There won’t be any businesses stupid enough to go into Charlotte. That city is toast for a generation.

Charlotte, NC – Idiot Central

I think they are going to need a lot more tear gas.

So now Charlotte, NC will burn. So be it. Once again Black Lies Matter is going to start riots, burning, theft, and killing.

I watched a video of the first night, direct link. You don’t need to watch it, it is depressing.

Some quotes representing the idiot rioters;
“They can’t do shit to us!”
“No peace!”
“We gonna die? We all gonna die.”
“It’s always the caucasian.”
“What the fuck? You think we give a fuck?”

How the cops didn’t just take out every one of the foul-mouthed goons, I will never know. As you watch the video, certain things are easy to figure out. The gangbangers are easy to spot. The leaders wearing the suits are the ones I would want more information on. They seemed a little too comfortable in the riot situation… The nation of Islam folks were running around doing a bunch of stirring… Any white person standing in the middle of this crap should immediately be beaten for extreme stupidity. Anyone standing there with a camera should be taken into custody and the videos watched. In fact EVERY video should be confiscated and IMMEDIATELY POSTED ONLINE. Lets identify all the bad folks.

Watching the coordination by cellphone seems to indicate that the first thing police should do is consider turning off the cell towers. I also wonder if a far more aggressive set of actions by police EARLY in the process might help. Maybe immediately detain anyone with paints not pulled up, or wearing hoodies, or looking gang banger. You can always let them go later, after checking for warrants.

I’m using the word immediate for a reason. I don’t believe is “letting the pot boil”. I say lance the boil fast and hard and be done with it. Arrest’em all and let the judges figure it out.

Am I the only one who thinks the police should load up a car with explosives and park it in the middle of the protester’s path. Put in a tilt sensor and let an “accident” happen… Just trying help.

I am so glad I’m not a cop. Those people put up with WAY too much crap.

84% of Working Class Whites Are NOT Represented

Breitbart has an interesting article, Poll—84 Percent of Working Class Whites Say Government Doesn’t Represent Our Views.

A Kaiser Family Foundation/CNN poll:

  • 84% of white working class voters say that fed government doesn’t represent the views of people like them
  • 74% of whites with a four-year college degree say the same.

The great divider has done a great job of pissing off white folks. This country has NEVER been more divided.

If Hillary wins, get out the fork, this country is done.

Alex Jones Takes a Solid Position

Breibart mentioned this video, and it is gold.

direct link

I will go to hell before I sit here and watch this country and the world turned over to these savages! I’m done, I’m pissed, and I’m not putting up with it anymore! Let me tell you something, you filthy traitors in the government, you pieces of crap.

You are the most degenerate, twisted, mentally ill people I’ve ever seen, wanting to gang-rape this Republic and this country and the West that has been the literal cornerstone, the absolute jewel in the crown of free Western Renaissance societies and the very best literature, music, technology, science, medicine, culture the world’s ever seen!

You Satanists want to sacrifice the West! You want to kill the beautiful goddess that is the West! You people are enemies, and we’re going to get your asses, and we know what you’re up to, and we’re coming for you!

I don’t subscribe to all of Alex’s beliefs, but he is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT ON THIS ONE. It is nice to see an American speak without fear of political correctness. Give ’em hell Alex!

Rodrigo Duterte Delivers Results

The express has an interesting article entitled:

F*** you EU!’ Philippines president hits out at Brussels amid EU bureaucrats meddling

The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, is fighting a brutal and bloody war against drug gangs in his country. The EU issued a statement encouraging him to toe the international human rights laws. Rodrigo told them what they could do with their arrogant missive.

“I read the condemnation of the EU against me. I will tell them: ‘Fuck you.'”

It is refreshing to see someone stand up to the elitist hypocracy of the EU.

I’m thinking maybe Chicago could use a little more Rodrigo and a LOT less political butt covering.

A few facts that people should be aware of, from a Christian Science Monitor article, What’s behind Filipino strongman Duterte’s popularity?;

  • “On the campaign trail, Rodrigo Duterte promised to stamp out criminality within three to six months.”
  • “Filipinos are very weary of high crime rates in the country, … A lot of people see the killings as a necessary evil in the pursuit of his agenda…”
  • “When he became mayor of Davao, drug crimes plummeted 75 percent after Duterte became mayor.” In other words, he has been to the dance and knows the steps well.
  • “More than two-thirds of Filipino legislators belong to political dynasties. Those same dynasties have been the beneficiaries of an overwhelming portion of recent economic growth. And when politicians got caught pilfering from public coffers, they could often leverage their influence to escape punishment…”

So what we are seeing is fairly clear. The people of the Philippines, you know, THE VOTERS, finally had enough of corruption and influence peddling and decided to take action.

Thomas Jefferson wrote:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Rodrigo may or may not be someone I would want to hang out with, but I respect the fact that he is doing EXACTLY what he said he would do. Rodrigo is doing what the people want, not the establishment elites. I wish him the best and say, quite frankly, piss on the EU!