Best College Ramen Recipes

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The Fung Bros have come up with another recipe winner! There are three recipes.

Japanese dry-style YAKISOBA or WACKY-SOBA.

if using generic homemade Yakisoba sauce.

If you don’t have Yakisobe sauce, you can make a reasonable substitute with;
Katchup, worchestershire sauce, soy sauce
Just combine them and it works well enough. It is NOT authentic, but it tastes good.

Onions, cabage, carrots, Ramen noodles, precooked chicken
Yakisoba Sauce

Chop up veggies (half head of cabbage)
Chop up 1 or 2 onions
Chop up one or two carrots
Cook veggies
Cook package of noodles, shallow, noodles are not completely covered by water
add noodle with flavor packet
cut noodles so it is easy to fry later
cooking oil (pam), stir fry, add chicken
drench in sauce

Thai Noodle Omelet

Ramen instant noodles
3 Eggs
bean spouts (optional)
basil leaves (optional)
bacon (optional)
crushed peanuts (optional)
Hot source

3 eggs, wisk
noodle seasoning
ramen, cook for a minute or two. Note, you will fry shortly so don’t make the noodles too soft!
drain noodles, dump eggs on top
flatten in pan for omelet

Korean Budae-jjigae
“Army Stew” had too many unknowns;
Tofu, Kimchi, Gochujang (red pepper sauce), enoki mushrooms, and fish cake. I am going to pass on this one. While the Gochujang looks very interesting, the rest of those strange ingredients are not something I care to try…

FBI reopening Hillary e-mail probe

Wait, you mean there is someone who FBI Director James Comey hasn’t given immunity?

I am sorry, but I no longer have faith in ANY investigations that Comey is associated with. His flawless reputation is now so sullied, that I do not believe that he will adhere to any real standards of neutrality. In other words, the political hacks are selling but I sure as hell am not buying!

I put my faith in They aren’t perfect, but any mistakes they make will be accidents. I can not say the same for the United States government under our would-be tyrant and his band of bought-off establishment scum. Make no mistake, when I say establishment, I mean BOTH parties.

Russia’s New Satan 2 Missile

The Telegraph has an article about a new Russian missile, the RS-28 Sarmat, dubbed “Satan 2”.

Expected to be in service in 2018, it should yield about 50 Megatons. It could take out an area the size of Texas, or the United Kingdom, or France.

Now we know why they needed Hillary to sign off on letting the Russians buy the Canadian uranium mine, see this article for details.

So let me see if I understand this. Hillary takes a payoff, through her foundation, to supply the Russians with massive quantities of uranium. The Russians build a B.A.B., big-assed bomb. We haven’t upgraded our nuclear forces in a very long time and, quite frankly, can not afford to do so now.

Does anyone see where this causes some genuine concern? Does anyone see where this might be a little more important than what Donald said thirty years ago?

Wake up you fools.

Dirty Filthy Yaks

Consistent results in surveys of Muslims in the United States have yielded the following numbers;

  • Criticism of Muhamad or Islam is not protected speech 58%
  • Believe those who mock Islam should face criminal charges 45%
  • Blaspheming against Islam should be punishable by death 12%

While those dirty, filthy yaks insist on special treatment in the west,
they treat minorities in the Middle East horribly.

The same group that cut off communication with the Catholic Church over a proposed minaret ban in Switzerland, had NOTHING to say about the ban on Christian churches in Middle Eastern countries.

Those who practice lethal intolerance can not be allowed to set the rules.

This country is headed towards a nightmare.

Note: You can read about the minaret ban here.

Let freedom ring, baby!