If you have shares of Kelloggs, SELL FAST

In one of the most idiotic moves EVER, Kellogs has decided that Breitbart is not “aligned with our values as a company.” You can read the details at #DumpKelloggs: Breakfast Brand Blacklists Breitbart, Declares Hate for 45,000,000 Readers. You can also sign the petition while you are there, if you are so inclined.

Newsflash, 45,000,000 people strongly disagree with Kelloggs’ utter contempt for Trump supporters. Why would ANY corporation do something this stupid. If they had a real issue, they could have quietly dropped Breitbart, no harm, now foul. Instead, they decided to attack 45,000,000 potential customers. If I was a Kelloggs investor, I would be getting ready to litigate the crap out this. By taking a political stance, they are eliminating half of their customer base. What sane company, that wants to make money, does that?

Breitbart’s response, is the #DumpKelloggs petition.

Kellogg’s makes the following;

Apple Jacks®
Cocoa Krispies
Corn Pops®
Cracklin’ Oat Bran®
Famous Amos
Froot Loops™
Frosted Flakes cereals
Frosted Mini-Wheats®
Fruit Flavored Snacks
Keebler Company
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes®
Kellogg’s Honey Smacks® cereal
Kellogg’s® Nutri-Grain®
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran®
Low Fat Granola
Morningstar Farms
Mother’s Cookies
Rice Krispies®
Smart Start®
Special K

As one of those 45,000,000 people, I am happy to boycott the Frosted Flake turncoats. They have decided to move from business to extremism. So be it. I hope they go belly-up. We don’t need companies like Kelloggs.

Hillary and Bernie 2020

I’m with BOTH of them!

A delicious rumor has it that both Hillary and Bernie want another shot in 2020. I want to be the first to endorse both of them! They are exactly what the democratic party needs to move into the future.

I will seriously consider writing a check to either or both if they run in 2020 for president.

Note that I am willing to shift my support to Chelsea, but only in a 2020 presidential bid. I am sure the people of this nation really want, no NEED to hear her vision for America.

IoT and Router Flaw

There is an article from ARS Technica, Newly discovered router flaw being hammered by in-the-wild attacks.

There is a well known malware delivery package, Mirai, that is now being used to take advantage of several million vulnerable routers. The port being exploited it 7547. Do yourself a favor, block that port on your routers both at home and at your businesses.

While we are talking vulnerabilities, there is a site Bullguard that is useful. It can quickly see if you have one or more IoT (Internet of Things) devices on your network just asking to be attacked. To save yourself a lot of potential issues, just block port 4567.