Valerian und Veronique Botschafter der Schatten (#6)

Im rat von Central City sind alle konflikte ausgetragen, die kosmische zeitalter bewegen.

Valerian und Veronique begleiten ein Botschafter. Böse menchen entführt den Botschafter. Die zols planen einen militarputsch auf central city. Sie haben alle strategisch wichtigen punkte in der hand.

Erde ist ausgescholossen, für hundert Jahre.

Valerian und Veronique Number 6

This issue was a lot tougher to read than the ones preceding it. The plot developed PAINFULLY slowly.

Bottom line, Earth is banished from Central City for a hundred years. Not a good thing, but hey, screw those alien thugs!

One of the pictures of the council was something that made me think of the Senate in Star Wars. In this picture, each representative is in a capsule with some kind of anti-grave control The room is packed… This may just be the basis for the Star Wars senate shots.

United States performs horribly in NATO tank mock battle

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Taken with all of the stuff we are doing to prepare for a series of tank battles between Russia and NATO, this is ugly.

I hate supporting NATO and I hate spending large quantities on military forces. I say keep them home and the hell with the rest of the world. UNFORTUNATELY, it looks like we are deliberately being put on a path towards war.

It is looking worse and worse.

1,600 Tanks to Netherlands

Am I the last to hear about this scheme? US sends 1,600 tanks to the Netherlands as NATO’s presence in Europe hits RECORD HIGH.

Yes, someone is planning on throwing a very big party in the EU. My first question is who will actually end up with the tanks? The Islamic refugees?

Either we are planning on a de-islamification of Europe, or we are planning on giving one hell of a big gift to our enemies… Does anyone believe that Russia is stupid enough to kick off a major offensive in the EU? Does anyone believe that Obama would do anything to build up defenses against Islamic “refugees”?

If this is an attempt to prop up the dead socialist governments of the EU, it will end in disaster. The reason those governments are failing is because they are no longer effective. Trying to prop up the EU is like trying to prop up the Austro-Hungarian Empire just before world war I, a terrible idea that won’t work.

I do not like the idea of one drop of American blood being spilled for the EU idiots. Let the socialists fight their own damned wars.

I genuinely fear that this will end BADLY.

NATO Auditor General found shot dead talks about the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. They also mention that he has held the position since 2008.

Short but sweet, here are my issues with the story.

The same position as an auditor for nearly eight years…

It is claimed that he had shadowy friends and liked to party a lot…

No one seems to know what the hell was going on.

Remember when I said we should get out of NATO? I’m thinking this is just another sign of just how Mickey Mouse the organization is.

I pity the man’s family, but I really fear for my American tax dollars that may be supporting anything from terrorism to booze hounds…

Hitting A Woman

Hotair has an interesting article, Joe Mixon and when it’s “okay to punch a woman”.

They are using the video of Joe Mixon hitting a woman who shoved him and appeared to be trying to grab his throat. I wasn’t there, but the video looks pretty clear. She attacked and she paid the appropriate price. It isn’t like he stood there kicking her while she was on the ground.

I’ve always believed that one should avoid hitting anyone. Once someone hits you, the rules change. Male or female, an attack is an attack. You don’t know if the woman has martial arts training or a military background. You don’t know if she is hopped up on God knows what. You don’t know if she is literally certifiable.

Sorry, but if you don’t act like a lady, don’t expect me to treat you as one.

For the record, number of women I have hit, ZERO. Number of women I expect to hit during my lifetime, ZERO.

This is a warning to all violent women. Don’t make me go Sean Connery on your ass!

Sean Connery discusses women slapping

James Bond interacting with women

Perfect Summary of Obama Legacy

Breitbart has an article that perfectly sums up Obama’s legacy, ‘Legacy’: 10 Ways Barack Obama Broke the American System

  • The stimulus
  • Fast and Furious
  • Betraying allies
  • Obamacare
  • Debt ceiling
  • Benghazi
  • IRS scandal
  • AP scandal
  • Iran deal
  • Executive action on immigration

My opinion? Obama stole the title of worst-president-ever from Jimmy Carter, and he won’t be giving it back! If Trump gives us the wall and four or five great supreme court justices, maybe things can be fixed.

I have not forgotten that fact that Obama got away with a lot of illegal acts because of the spineless cowards in the Republican party. Spineless scum who were too busy queuing up for payoffs from the United States Chamber of Commerce and other assorted interests working against the American people and the law.

The one good thing is that fact that the Clintons and Obama will continue to try to hold on to the spotlight. Each and every day, they will drive the democrat party deeper into its madness and further away from ever being in change again.

Hillary 2020!