French Presstitutes on the Fascosphère

No Pasaran has an interesting article about a conservative book author, Evelyne Joslain. Note, Evelyne is a French author and academic, and all of her works that I have seen are in French. She tends towards conservative anti-liberal writings, despite being in France

On the set of BFM TV on the afternoon of January 21, 2017 an interesting event occurred. During the French television station’s coverage of Trump inauguration, Evelyne said that she believed Barack Obama to be a Muslim in his heart. The French station immediately threw her off the set!

At that point, the real fun began. The libtards immediately called her every name in the book. The usual suspects make their appearance including racist, fascist, etc. But then they had a problem. They didn’t and probably still do not understand the trick bag they jumped into. If she was being insulting by saying that Barack is a Muslim in his heart, that would mean that being a Muslim is a filthy, horrid thing and such a change is offensive… Does the left want to acknowledge that being Muslim is a horrible thing?

While I am not overly shocked that the French media would absolutely lose it when the lefty PC crap is questioned, I have to say that they have shown their true colors to a lot of people with this action. They have jumped in a pile of crap and called it ice cream.

The article also impressed me with two words that I have never seen before, but will be immediately stealing for my own use. Note the title of this post!

  • Fascosphère: The left’s term used to define any non-lefties as fascists.
  • Presstitutes: Members of the left wing media, what some call the “mainstream media”.

Nasty Woman In Secret Service

An article the Washington Post introduces us to Kerry O’Grady, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver district.

This bitch is HIGHLY political and a major Hillary supporter. She makes it pretty God damned clear that she hates Trump.

The bitch’s Facebook postings clearly violate the Hatch Act, “which bars executive branch staff, except the president, vice president and some other senior executive officials, from engaging in certain political activities”

Read the article. She is one of those types that has decided the rules don’t apply to her.

The bimbo needs to go NOW!

Valerian und Veronique Das Monster in der Metro (#7)

Valerian: “Warum bin ich hier einsam und verlassen auf diesem verdammten Planeten mit diesen verdammten Kopfschmerzen? Warum, Valerian?”

Baldrian ist ein seltsames Wort. Die ganze Ausgabe zeigt uns dies und nicht viel mehr.

Veronique auf der Suche nach ihm. Veronique findet etwas “von den vier Elementen”.

Die antworten für alle die fragen, gibt der zweite band Endstation Brooklyn. Es hat die anwort für Valerian Kopfschmerzen auch!

Valerian und Veronique Number 7

This is one tough read! The dream-like quality of Valerion running around in a strange fantasy world while Veronquie is trying to find him in the real universe.

By the end of the story, he knows that he is lost somewhere and that Chatelard isn’t what he appears to be.

The next story, Endstation Brooklyn, will have the answers and explain Valerian’s headaches.

Rice Burgers

direct link

I am fascinated by rice burgers. A great way to use leftover rice is to make the rice into burger buns! I’m in the process of trying different approaches. The Youtube video in this post looks VERY interesting.

My issue is getting the rice to stick together. They are using potato starch to get the bond. I will be trying this approach.

In their recipe, they are using freshly steamed rice, which kind of defeats the whole point… I will be trying it with old rice, new rice, and whatever else.

By the way, I don’t think having the dog in the video was the best idea…

How to Make Rice Burgers (serves 2)
200g Steamed Rice (7.1 oz) (1 rice bun: 50g/1.8 oz)
1 tsp Potato Starch
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce

100g Thin Beef Slices or substitute: pork or chicken (3.5 oz)
20g Carrot, cut into thin strips (0.7 oz)
20g String Bean Pods, sliced diagonally (0.7 oz)
40g Onion, sliced into thin wedges (1.4 oz)

Vegetable Oil
Teriyaki Sauce (Approx. 2 tbsp)
½ tsp Sake

Toasted White Sesame Seeds
Green Leaf Lettuce
2 Hamburger Wrappers or waxed paper

The video is sponsored on youtube by JETRO, an organization promoting Japanese products overseas. To learn more about new Japanese food products check here: (This URL is no longer valid).

The above URL seems to no longer be valid. The address you would want to start with is:

20170124 Update: I have tried the potato starch with traditional Japanese rice and the paddies dig hang together much better. I will have to play with the cooking time and temperature to get it just right. I also want to experiment with standard American white rice.

Actors Who Support Trump

I’ve been so busy calling out the idiots, that I had not bothered to give props to the good guys. An article,, in yielded the following list of Trump Supporters;

Jon Voight
Roseanne Barr
Kid Rock
Willie Robertson
Azealia Banks
Gary Busey
Jesse Ventura
Loretta Lynn
Teresa Giudice
Tila Tequila
Stephen Baldwin
Mike Tyson
Terrell Owens
John Rocker
Jesse James
Wayne Newton
Mike Ditka
Dennis Rodman
Hulk Hogan
Lou Ferrigno
Aissa Wayne
Joe Arpaio
Scott Baio
Kirstie Alley

Apparently, there are a few good people left in California.