Valerian und Veronique Trügerische Welten (#9)

“Deceptive Worlds”

Wir sehen Valerian en Uniform aus der ostindischen Gesellschaft, mit einer Armee gruppe, die eine Schloss angreift. Wir lernen, dass es ein Programm ist, wenn ein Offizier sagt: “Aber … das ist nicht programmiert!”

Valerian sendet Veronique eine Botschaft mit Koordinaten.

Wie Schande! Als nächstes ein Club vor Gentlemen, London neben der gleichen Zeit. Ausbruch mit einem Fahrrad fahren

Wie Schande! Weiter, San Francisco, Chinatown 1895. Aber da ist ein Mann mit einem Motorrad!

Es gibt viele springt, viele Zeiten, viele Geschicte.

Mit Zeit ist Valerian gerettet. Alles gut, glück ende.

Valerian und Veronique Number 9

We finally establish that Valerian has been in a stasis chamber in a computer holodeck-like environment.

He jumps from scenario to scenario while his partner, Veronique, along with a specialist, Jadna, searches for him. Jadna is a pain and an idiot.

Eventually, Jadna contacts the brain behind the simulation. In the end, she stays with that entity and Valerian and Veronique end up vacationing on Earth.

Russians and Their Tanks

Just what the world neede! A Russian Robotic Tank as detailed by The Daily Mail.

It is remote controlled, so the AI package hasn’t been added yet. Those of you who have read Keith Laumer’s works on BOLOs need not panic quite yet. Note to those folks, stand by, it won’t be long!

The tank has a 30mm machine. Those of you wanting that extra little something will be happy to discover the six missiles that it also carries.

France is so screwed

The Daily Mail has all of the nasty details, if you are interested.

Emmanuel Macron attended an exclusive Catholic school. At the age of sixteen, began an affair with a married mother of three, Brigitte Auziere. She was 39 years old. Her oldest daughter, Laurence, was in his class.

He ended up married to Brigitte and she could become the First Lady of France. Twenty-four years later, he is 39 and she is 64. His mother is 67.

I try to keep politician’s private affairs off the radar. I really don’t care who slept with who or whatever. This case is problematic.

The woman is clearly out of her mind. Emmanuel is outside of the bounds of remotely normal.

There is no up side here.

The Pope in Cairo – 2017

“…the only alternative to the civility of encounter is the incivility of conflict; there is no other way….”

“To counter effectively the barbarity of those who foment hatred and violence, we need to accompany young people, helping them on the path to maturity and teaching them to respond to the incendiary logic of evil by patiently working for the growth of goodness,…”

“religion is not a problem but a part of the solution.”

“Peace alone, therefore, is holy and no act of violence can be perpetrated in the name of God, for it would profane his Name…”

—Pope Francis at the Al-Azhar Conference Centre in Cairo

Lets look at those statements one at a time.

He says, “…the only alternative to the civility of encounter is the incivility of conflict; there is no other way….”. I agree. Since 15% to 25% of Muhammadans want to kill “non-believers”, there can only be one answer. War to knife, knife to the hilt, mercy neither asked nor granted. Some will say “what about the other 75 to 85%”? My answer, they don’t matter. When each and every terrorist attack happens, they are shown to be useless. When every bomb goes off, their irrelevance is highlighted in the blood of others. The good people in Germany did not stop Hitler. The good people in Russia did not stop Stalin. The good people in Jones Town did not stop Rev Jones. When the good are of no significance, they are, by definition, not significant.

He says, “To counter effectively the barbarity of those who foment hatred and violence, we need to accompany young people, helping them on the path to maturity and teaching them to respond to the incendiary logic of evil by patiently working for the growth of goodness,…”. No, that is only good for those who wish their children to be victims. Teach them to handle firearms. Teach them the meaning freedom. Teach them the meaning of a Persian retreat. Teach them to fight without mercy. In short, show them that freedom has a cost, but it is worth that cost. I note the pope has very good security. Maybe he can demonstrate that whole path to maturity thing by standing alone, without Swiss bully-boys?

He says, “religion is not a problem but a part of the solution.” I guess a guy running around in a white outfit has to rationalize his occupation somehow. Religion is a personal thing. The minute it oppresses others, it is an immediate threat to be eliminated. If your religion has a live and let live attitude, there will be no real problems. If your religion is one of conquest and death, then IT IS A PROBLEM and I consider you to be a threat.

He concludes with, “Peace alone, therefore, is holy and no act of violence can be perpetrated in the name of God, for it would profane his Name…” Well, that would depend on one’s idea of God, would it not? Mohammedanism DIRECTLY contradicts what you are saying. There is no wiggle room, there is no room for negotiation.

It comes down to a simple question: are you free or are you a slave?

It is time the idiot Pope made a choice. I’m not one of his flock, so I’m not all that worried one way or the other. If you are reading this as you are a part of his flock, you might want to ask yourself that question.

Orphelins Tome 1 Petits soldats and misc French stuff

Understand that I am learning some French and I find comics to be a simple way to start reading a foreign language. What I will usually do is learn a basic vocabulary. Then start trying to find a few comics. Later, hopefully, start reading a few simple books. With Spanish, I skipped the comics and went straight to the books. It was painful, but it did work. With German, I am still hitting the comics, and it is helping. With French, this is my first foray.

On the technical side, I tend to read comics on the full sized computer screen or my Amazon Fire.

I was looking for free French books for my Kindle on Amazon yesterday. I found quite the treasure trove with some unexpected gems. I found some interesting comics.

I ran into Valérian et Laureline, la cité des eaux mouvantes – Edition Definitive. I have read the German version, Die Stadt der tosenden Wasser, “the city of the roaring water”. This will be an excellent opportunity to dip my toe into reading French with simple known material.

I also ran into Orphelins – Tome 1 – Petits soldats. It is a comic of 192 pages. I tackled it immediately! I spent the afternoon yesterday going through it page by page. I somehow managed to get through it and I believe get more than just a “jist” version of the story! The illustrations were well done and the plot was fun. I can now say that I have gotten through my first French comic! A hundred and ninety two pages was a bit more than I planned to start with, but I made it! Well worth reading, if you get the chance! I liked it so much, I left a very positive review on Amazon. I left the review in English because I didn’t think butchered French would help…

I found Thorgal – tome 01 – La magicienne trahie. It is a 48 page comic that looks approachable. We will see.

I also ran into a few volumes of Sande BD, “Le magazine du crowdfunding BD”. Those magazines are above my level right now, but they look VERY interesting. I took a peek at their website. They have some very interesting projects in the works. There is a youtube channel that has some wild stuff! It looks like some of the French folks are leveraging crowdfunding to a whole new level. Take a look at the channel.

I found a few books as well. Lune de sang – La meute de Riverside Creek, Les Immortels (novella), La Reine du Chaos, La Figeuse du temps, Chassé-Croisé Paris SXM, Le Réveil des Dragons, Le Sceau, La Prisonnier de la planète Mars, and Esclave, Guerrière, Reine. When I get some serious confidence, which is going to take a while, I will tackle one of these.

All in all, a VERY happy weekend!

Whats your beeves?

The Daily Mail Online has once again come through with critical information that I did not know. In an article, ‘This information does not affect me in any way, but I am still mad about it!’ The internet is left horrified after a social media user reveals the plural of ‘beef’ is ‘BEEVES’, we learn the scary truth.

I did not know about beeves. Thinking it could be some internet prank, I looked in up in my physical copy of the New Oxford Dictionary, and yes beeves is the plural form of beef.

Everyone in the past has always used the phrase “pieces of beef”. If I had had to refer to multiple pieces of beef with one word, I would have seriously considered “beefi” and then gone with “steaks” or “hamburgers”.

Will I ever use, let alone be comfortable with the word “beeves”? Only time will tell…

France will burn

French elections yesterday. Le Pen came in a very close second to Emmanuel Macron. Macron is a “centrist”, a foaming at the mouth socialist really, with no experience in politics. Le Pen has been in French politics forever and a day. Le Pen seems to be anti-EU and anti-open borders.

I can see where the French people were between a rock and a hard place. Both candidates are flawed.

A politician that has been around for years and is part of a family that has also been in politics forever, but never been in power? She has also openly accepted political money from Russia. I smell the corruption already! The “centrist” at least has also never been in office before, this is his first foray into an election. Of course he is pro EU, pro immigration, and as liberal as you are going to find.

The French had their one shot to get out of the EU mess and stop the immigration issues from getting a lot worse. The bottom line? It looks like they are going to go with Macron in the run-off election. IF that happens, the blood in the streets will flow like water. Any hope France had, is gone.

The election is not over until it is over. We will see what happens.

It will be fun to watch the Muhammadans burn the Louvre.

Rest in peace.

Some important points that are not discussed by the press.

France leaving the EU is a lot different than Great Britain leaving the EU because the Great Britain NEVER COMPLETELY JOINED THE EU. France adopted the Euro, Great Britain never did. Disassociation from the Euro would be possible, but very tricky.

All of the socialist countries in Europe are saying that their birth rates are below necessary quantities to keep up the population, so they need immigrants from pretty much ANYWHERE to pay for the social programs. There are a couple of giant problems with that state of affairs.

The aliens are COSTING money and not providing. This is not a criticism of those immigrants, since they are being encouraged to migrate into countries that have NO jobs for them! Most of these people have little, if any, education. What futures do any of them have in a European country?

As to the second point, I note that Japan has a low birth rate, a falling population, and is not importing aliens. Japan is surviving just fine.

Emmanuel Macron is generally agreed to be a good man. He is also generally perceived as being naive in world affairs. He will be the Muhammadans’ favorite victim…