Where do I get my Japanese Recipes?

The Manga Cookbook: Japanese Bento Boxes, Main Dishes and More!

I would love to tell you that the recipes are all ancestral secrets, but I’m not oriental. I would tell you that I had a dream that involved two dragons. The white dragon gave me the recipes and the black dragon gave me ninja-like cooking skills. Nope. No dream. No Dragons.

What I do have is a book. The book is fun and VERY simple. It is targeted in such a way that a child, with appropriate adult supervision, could pull off most of the recipes. I got this book from Manga University, which has some interesting products. Along with a couple of simple manga cookbooks, they also have a fun manga kanji book series and a “Kana de Manga” book which teaches both Katakana and the Hiragana characters. They also have manga drawing tutorials and supplies.

While checking out the website to make sure it was around before publishing this article, I found out that they now have a second cook book! Before finishing this article, I have already ordered it!

Language geek note: I used the “Kana de Manga” to learn the basics of Katakana and Hiragana characters. For learning the more challenging Kanji, I chose to go with “Remembering the Kani 1” by Heisig. Note, the Heisig approach also means that one learns the meaning of the character without learning how to pronounce it. That means one can hold off determining whether Chinese or Japanese is more in line with their goals until they already have the meanings down.


I have cooked this meal so many times and LOVED IT EVERY TIME!

2/3 lb. thin sliced beef
1/2 Onion
1/2 Cup Teriyaki sauce
1 tablespoon of sugar
3/4 cup of Dashi
1 Teaspoon vegetable oil
3 cups of steamed rice

Slice onions into strips.
Heat oil in pan.
Add onion to oil and cook until semi-transparent.
Add Teriyaki, Sugar, and Dashi and bring to a slow boil.
Once it is simmering, add meat and cook for about 5 minutes.
Serve meat on top of steaming bowl of rice.

Do NOT hesitate to add frozen veggies! I liked mixed stir-fry, but snow peas are always welcome!

Note: Dashi powder can be purchased amazon.com. The dashi really gives it that Japanese zing.

According to Google, Gyudon is Japanese for “dumplings”. It is pronounced “goo-don”, making sure to soften the “n” sound.

Google to Marginalize Russian Media Sites

20minutoes.es has an article, “Rusia denuncia el intento de Google de marginar sus medios en la red”.

“Eric Schmidt, de Google, dijo que se planea reducir la distribución de noticias de medios rusos como el canal de televisión internacional RT y la agencia Spútnik.”

Eric Schmidt, of Google, said that he plans to reduce the distribution of news from the Russian media, especially RT Television and Sputnik Agency.

I found a similar article in Phoneia Network, whoever they are…

Russian Flag

I would be the FIRST to expect RT News and Sputnik News Agency to slant the stories in favor of the Russian government. So what? Does ANYONE seriously believe that Xinhua Network in China is not telling their own version of reality?

I’ve followed Der Spiegel off and on and I can guarantee that they are very careful to report ONLY what the current German government wants them to report.

youtube, twitter and facebook, along with Google, are the biggest news mis-aggregation sites right now. Think about it, they are doing everything they can to openly shape pubic opinion and are doing so using heavy censorship and dishonesty. The truth is that RT Tv, Sputnik, and all of the others merely give us a different view of world affairs. I like being able to see what others are saying. Am I taking RT TV as my only source, or even my primary source of information? Hell no. That does not mean that I think they should be censored!

No matter what their political view nor their agenda, all of this censorship should be a major concern for everyone!

For those wanting a quick view of the world through the eyes of others;
Xinhua Net
South Korea News Net

The Clinton News Network shouldn’t be the only one allowed to lie their butts off!

Charles Manson finally dead

Manson finally dead.

Charles Manson was guilty and we all know it. Those who try to obfuscate the death penalty with cries of injustice and wrongful convictions have no traction on this one.

December 1969 until November 2017. Almost 48 years in prison with the American taxpayer footing the damned bill.

Those who are against the death penalty are out of their minds.

Die grosse grenze (#13)

Valerian und Veronique Number 13

Zwei zeitlines. Valerian und Veronique hilfe ein andere agent von Galaxity to reisen zuruck. Irgendwie Russland und Tschernobyl sind in dieses geschicht.

Die serie hat kein benzin. Halb von die Geschichte ist nicht brauche.

Two timelines. Valerian and Veronique help a fellow Galaxity agent to journey home. Somehow Russia and Chernobyl are in the story.

The series is running out of gas. Half of the story could go away and nothing would be missed.

Office 2007 Still In Use

IT Portal reports Two thirds of businesses still run Office 2007.

Spiceworks found that:

… 82 per cent of businesses in the UK, US and Canada are still using older, on-premise version of Office, with Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007 being used. Office 2010 is most commonly used, 43 per cent use Office 2013 and 17 per cent run Office 2016.

As a developer, I have one computer that still runs Office 2007 because I may end up writing a .net program that needs to access that version.

As to other companies using Office 2007, there are reasons. Some people don’t want to change. They know how to get what they need to get done done. Many companies figure that they have spent the money, have the product, and have no reason to change. Others don’t want to spend the time or money to re-train staff and spend money on upgrades. Neither is a small expense. There are lot of other solid reasons for not changing.

My attitude is that almost all companies should choose one of two paths. Either get on a Microsoft Office 365 program or go with LibreOffice. Either way, you will be far ahead of where you are now. The Office 365 program offers a lot of bang for the buck and is not so expensive as to be prohibitive. Office 365 is from $8.25 per user per month to $35 per user per month. I and my clients usually opt for “E3” $20 per month per user packages that cover everything I would ever need. LibreOffice is free and very powerful. LibreOffice is open source and has a very active developer base.

Do yourself, your employees, and your clients a favor, look into your options.