has gone wild!

I remember when I would walk into a library as a youngster and be amazed by the variety available. I would go from section to section, just to see what was there. The site brings that feeling back. I’ve enjoyed that site for years. But now, they have done it again.

I was shocked, stunned, completely gobsmacked! The Internet Archive has added some INCREDIBLE new content. They’ve added online arcade games, comic collections, manga collections, cookbooks, and a favorite of mine, a pulp magazine section.

Internet Arcade (903 items)

Console Living Room

WWII Archive (3,429 items)
WWII books, broadcasts, radio, training films, etc.

A few THOUSAND comics:

Ace Comics Collection
202 items

Atari Force Comics
19 items

Captain Marvel Adventures
140 items

Classic Comics
727 items

Comics Collections Page
149 items
Includes; Forbidden Worlds (100), Gunsmoke (25), Jo Jo Congo King (3), and Sad Sack (11).

Dotty (Ace Comics) Collection

Fawcett Comics
764 items

Fawcett Comics: America’s Greatest Comics
8 items

Skywald Comics
72 items
Mostly horror genre. You MUST check out Skywald Comics: Scream Issue 01 (1973) click here to view it. It has VERY nice black and white artwork. Even if you don’t care for horror, this is some BEAUTIFUL artwork! You can view the entire collection, including horror, monsters, cowboys, etc. at

Tandy Whiz Kids Comics
11 items
Older computer geeks might like to visit this one.

The Manga Library
7,806 items
Fantastic! You MUST browse this collection!

Webcomic Universe
5,135 items

Pulp mag archive (1,452 items)

Cookbooks (3,000+)

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Collection (300 items)

Those of you with newreader RSS aggregation software will enjoy these RSS Feeds:

Internet Arcade RSS Feed

Pulp RSS Feed

Webcomic Universe

Tandy Whiz Kids Comics RSS Feed

Fawcett Comics RSS Feed

Classic Comics RSS Feed

Captain Marvel Adventures

Comic Books and Graphic Novels RSS Feed