Buffy 36 – Der Pakt mit dem Bösen (The Pact with the Devil)

“The Pact with Evil”

My German is terrible so, as usual, I may have missed a whole bunch of details!

A few interesting tidbits;

Rome between 39 and 40 A.D.
The goddess Meter
A school shooting

Okay, this one was a little different from the rest!

The plot was messed up. I think the writer had a decent idea, but it got lost somewhere. The bad guys didn’t add up. The story seemed a bit disjointed and glossed over the good stuff. Whenever a slayer from the past is shown, there should be something added to the Slayer mythology. Tossing one in for some weak back-story is lame.

Not one of the better stories, but not from a lack of effort.