Sous-vide Petite Chuck Steak

Another sous-vide triumph.

I looked up Petite Chuck Steak on the Joule program. I couldn’t find anything close, so I went with rib-eye as the template. The texture is close enough that I thought the numbers should work.

I went with Petite Chuck Steak at 136 degrees for two hours.

DELICIOUS! I had hash browns with the steak and thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

I may try 138 next time? I will have to think about it.

Sous-vide Rib-eye Magic

I have just finished the finest rib-eye steak that I have ever had the privilege of eating. I used the sous-vide process and it was fantastic!

The sous-vide process is straightforward. You cook food, usually meat or fish, in vacuum packs. In other words, you use a ziplock bag for the food’s container during cooking. You choose the temperature based on the color you want the interior of your meet to turn out. Temperatures are usually between 131 to 140 degrees and the times are usually from one to seven hours. You dial in the temperature on a device the keeps a water bath at that exact temperature for the designated amount of time. When the food is done, you can seer the meat in a pan, if needed.

When it is all said a done, you get absolutely repeatable results again and again. The meat is incredibly juicy and perfect.

As long as you are over the minimum time, you are golden. The rib-eye that I just cooked was in the water for one and a half hours, but I could have left it in for between one and two hours with no negative effect on the food. Some people would leave it in even longer, because what ill effects there are are very mild.

If you get the chance, sous-vide is a winner! By the way, it is pronounced “sue-veed”. One other note. There is a free app called Joule-app that is great for determining cooking temperatures. You choose the type of meat, the color desired and it tells you exactly the temperature and time to go with.

This youtube video walks you through the entire process. ChefSteps even walks you through the Joule-app:

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