Don’t give Bill Clinton the keys!

I was shocked to read, Former Joint Chiefs Chair: Bill Clinton Lost the Nuclear Codes for Months.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Huh Shelton, in his book published in 2010, pointed out:

“…President Bill Clinton lost the nuclear codes for months at the end of his administration. In contrast to the dogged reporting of the Trump presidency, the press did not uncover that Clinton did not have access to the U.S. nuclear arsenal.”

“White House aides refused to show the codes to a monthly inspection from the Department of Defense, telling the DoD officials “that Clinton took the codes seriously.” This happened again at the next monthly inspection, and no one from the DoD realized that Clinton had lost the codes until it was time to replace them.”

In other words, not only did Bill LOSE the keys to the nuclear arsenal, but he then had his aides cover it up, endangering everyone so that he would not be embarrassed! His pride subjected the entire world to massive danger.

Every time I think the damage done by the Clintons and the Obamas is done, another major act of treason appears. I have nothing but contempt for such egomaniacs!

The REAL Trudeau

I don’t know what I enjoyed more. Seeing Trudeau trying to answer for his own liberal villainy, or his open display of elitist arrogance. His liberal arrogance was a wonder to behold but his dancing around the facts was also quite instructive.

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Later in the video, is a clip examining the payday for an Islamic terrorist by the Canadian government. It points out that there was no court decision, the government just decided to give him $10 million… The video also shows that a lot of Canadians did not agree with this stupidity.

If they don’t vote this dirt bag out, we need to seriously reconsider our relationship with Canada. Nothing good is going to come from Canada while this guy is in charge. We need to distance ourselves from the socialist utopia before the shooting starts.

boycott San Francisco

Breitbart has an article that explains that:

#BoycottSanFrancisco is going viral as San Francisco defends its sanctuary policies in the wake of the not-guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial.

Sounds like a great idea to me!

The mayor’s spokesbimbo said “San Francisco is and always will be a sanctuary city.” We will see..

West Point a Snowflake Enclave

An article entitled Whistle blower professor exposes West Point military academy as corrupt, dysfunctional and devoid of standards has pretty much affirmed one of my greatest fears.

I had wondered just how much damage Barry did to military institutions. I had wondered if the academies were up to snuff or in serious trouble. The linked article answers the question.

Understand the following quotes come from a man who served as an army officer and as a professor at West Point.

… I personally witnessed a series of fundamental changes at West Point that have eroded it to the point where I question whether the institution should even remain open.

…standards at West Point are nonexistent.

The Superintendent refuses to enforce admissions standards or the cadet Honor Code, the Dean refuses to enforce academic standards, and the Commandant refuses to enforce standards of conduct and discipline. The end result is a sort of malaise that pervades the entire institution.

… it has given rise to a level of cadet arrogance and entitlement the likes of which West Point has never seen in its history.

I have personally taught cadets who are borderline illiterate and cannot read simple passages from the assigned textbooks.

If you can stomach the bad news, read the entire article. The author writes with passion and you can feel just how painful it is for him.

If this is the “standards” of West Point, I want our troops called home NOW! We have no business in foreign adventures when our future military officers are mental and moral defects.

Schumer and his pack of murderers

A Breitbart article, Chuck Schumer: If the Dead Could Talk They’d Tell Trump to Buck the NRA shows just what a dirtbag Schumer is.

According to, as of 10/06/2017, there have been 59,325,633 abortions in the United States since Roe vs Wade… Does Chuck really want to talk to the dead? I’m thinking there are 59,325,633 voices that would say dump Planned Parenthood. They would say stop spending the 500 million in annual funding by the United States government. Of course they are dead. They can not be heard. They can not ask questions. They are the mountain of death that Planned Parenthood and the Democratic party have used for political gain.

Chuck and his Democrat thugs are covered in that fetal blood. Instead of taking cheap shots at Trump, maybe he should think about all of the murders that he has funded… Lectures in morality from a Democrat are like advise from the Devil. Those lectures mean less than nothing coming from baby-killers.

Considering the number of dead, the democratic party is actually competing with Hitler and Stalin.