boycott San Francisco

Breitbart has an article that explains that:

#BoycottSanFrancisco is going viral as San Francisco defends its sanctuary policies in the wake of the not-guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial.

Sounds like a great idea to me!

The mayor’s spokesbimbo said “San Francisco is and always will be a sanctuary city.” We will see..

Are We Planning on Re-fighting the Civil War?

A talk show host asked the question: “Are we planning on re-fighting the Civil War?” A fourteen year old boy called in and said something both prescient and chilling. He said, I don’t know when it will happen. I don’t know if it will be tomorrow or ten years from now, but yes, I do believe we are going to have a war in this country. He pointed out that things are getting worse and he doesn’t see a way to avoid it.

That boy gets it. The country is headed towards an abyss and all morals and values are being sacrificed at the alter of the left-wing snowflakes’ political correctness.

When Donald Trump speaks truth, he is attacked for doing so. When people speak out with an opinion that does not follow the ultra-left agenda, they are shouted down or physically attacked. When all of the politicians who have lied their entire careers, stand up on their soapboxes and berate him for imagined offenses, the press cheers. Fake news is the norm.

There are many who believe that, one way or another, Trump will not be finishing his term as president. They really, really don’t understand just how lethal that scenario will become. Those who work and support their families and just want to be left alone are beginning to get angry. Such an event will convince those people that ballots don’t work. They will, rightly, decide that it is all a scam. When that happens, there is no going back.

At that point one of two things happen. Option one, they stop caring and let the country fall apart. Laws will break down completely and it will end up being everyone for himself, let the bullets fly. Option two, revolution. I’ve always said that revolutions tend to make a bad situation much worse…

In the end, it won’t be President Trump who is blamed. Right or wrong, he at least tried to do something. He has not spent his entire life feeding at the public trough. Americans did not elect him to go along and get along.

With all of the new and interesting ways of killing be invented each and every day, maybe it will be over quickly…

Let freedom ring baby!

Establishment war on the voters continues

The senate unanimously decided to stop President Trump from making recess appointments.

Bottom line, Mitch and his bunch of establishment scum have decided to stop President Trump however they can. There is no more smoke and no more mirrors. This is a direct attack on the will of the people. Unanimous means they are ALL in on in together. No more pretending otherwise.

ANYTHING the president does, from this point forward, is fine with me. The only way to drain the swamp may be to set the God damned thing on fire!

Democrats like throwing sand in the gears? Republicans want to betray everything they have ever claimed to support? Okay. Throw more sand than the Democrats can possibly imagine and force Mitch and his elitist establishment buddies to FEEL THE HEAT! Shut D.C. down and force the country to watch the sausage being made.

Sign NO legislation. Launch a few nukes at North Korea. Start pulling our troops out of NATO. Get Nikki Haley to really start some major shit in the U.N. Immediately move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Force the D.C. bubble to burst by not giving them one second of peace.

Bomb throwing bombast is no longer just for the SJWs and ultra-liberal traitors.

Let freedom ring, baby!

Lauren Southern on the Black Bloc at G20

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NOTE: The black bloc is defined in as:

a name given to groups of protesters who wear black clothing, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items.

I think of them as antifa anarchists who are out of control and need to be significantly sanctioned.

Lauren Southern, in a discussion with Stefan Molyneux, had lots of interesting observations about the G20 riot. She talked about how the black bloc with their “mainstream media” informants and street snitches stalk anyone who doesn’t agree with them. The Nazis under Hitler and the NKVD under Stalin would be thrilled with the black bloc.

She mentioned a couple of people getting hurt because of a “reporter” for Die Zeit publishing their picture along with her, labeling her and them as Nazis, and telling the black bloc that “they knew what to do”. One of the people in the picture was just walking by. He was severely beaten. Another person in the photo barely knew Lauren, and he was assaulted.

Given that situation, if I were in his picture, I would consider that to be a personal attack at the same level as attempted murder. I am not a violent man, but I would not let some ultra-left maggot set me up without evening the score old school. When the courts and government no long protect the people, they MUST PROTECT THEMSELVES. In this case, there would be NO reason to hold back.

She asked at this point, when the government and media complex hate the common people and the black bloc is completely out of control and perpetrating violence with no government representation for the victims, what do we the people do?

“What do we do? Do we get the right wing death squads out?”

There are police who are members of Antifa. The police in Germany and Great Britain are completely penetrated. There is no where to run. If you are in Germany or Great Britain, a gun close at hand is the rule of the day.

Stefan pointed out that at some point right-wingers will start making a rational calculation:

“Okay, well the conversation is done … maybe not being aggressive won’t work for us anymore …”

Note that neither of them are advocating violence, they are saying the same thing I am, there are limits.

Lauren mentioned that she doesn’t want to be the cause of some right winger deciding to get violent, but “… at some point,you have to fight back.”

I’m not the only one thinking things are going to get more and more interesting.

Let freedom ring baby!

Darren Osborne, a misunderstood victim?

The Guardian has some interesting details about the Finsbury Park incident.

Darren Osborne, 47 year old non-Mohammedan man is alleged to have said:

“I want to kill all Muslims”

He is reported to have left 1 dead and 11 injured. The police did indicate, “the man who died was already being treated for an unrelated ailment”. Another way of saying that is to question if the “victim” was killed or merely died at an unfortunate time…

Following in the tradition of American and British media, I will make the following statement:

Darren is not representative of all non-Mohammedan people. He is but one individual and it would be wrong to blame all non-Mohammedan people for the actions of one man, who may just be mentally ill or possibly an irate soccer fan.

While his actions are wrong, he has a cultural reason for what he may have done. Non-Mohammedan people, the primary victims of Mohammedan terrorism, have little outlet for their fears and concerns. Add in a media that is bound and determined to cover up the truth about the Mohammedan actions, and you end up with a powder keg.

Darren is merely the symptom of oppressed non-Mohammedan people everywhere. The British and American news services that continually report fake news and refuse to tell the truth are the ones who created this situation. The politicians who refuse to stop Mohammedan violence have created fear and hatred. The Mohammedan terrorists planted seeds, reporters watered those seeds with the blood of the victims, and the politicians were willfully blind.

I note that ISIS Has Instructed Muslims to Run Over Non-Muslims With Cars quite a few times. Maybe Darren read one of ISIS’s articles? There is an old religious phrase, “what goes around, comes around”. Darren treated them as they would treat him. Darren may just be a man who wants to experience the Islamic culture in his own way.

My prayers and support go to all of those oppressed by Mohammedan terrorism. I hope that Darren is safe and not injured by Mohammedan killers. I would hate to see a non-Mohammedan push-back.

What about my condolences? See this page for a list of Mohammedan terrorism in just 2017. Since 25% of Mohammedans support Jihad, there is a good chance that one or more of the dead person’s family supports Jihad… Don’t expect condolences from me until the Mohammedan terrorism issue is resolved… PERMANENTLY.

The Establishment and the Future

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Thomas Jefferson

Patrick J. Buchanan asks the question, Are We Nearing Civil War?.

He makes a very reasoned argument and makes it clear that we are not in a good place. Comments by the readers really got the point across and showed that he is NOT an alarmist.

A user, DemocratsAreScum, stated

I BELIEVE ALL THESE “DEEP STATE” Traitors need to be killed. I hope Trump and the Patriot movement are able to gain the upper hand and crush these scum. Start with MCCAIN! The biggest traitor of them all.

I pray for violence.


Another user, Kim Chul Soo, got right to the point:

We’re ready. Long overdue

A user named Duck, among other things said:

“give war a chance.”

The establishment in D.C. truly does not understand just how angry the voters are. Just because the insiders have cooked the system in such a way as to guarantee perpetual re-election, doesn’t mean they can afford to continue the games. The country is waking up. The people who pay the bills, fight the wars, and just want to make a living are reaching a point of no return.

Revolutions are messy processes that tend to create a worse situation than the one that started the battle. Sometimes the price is worth it, many times not.

The establishment is trying to protect its power and prerogatives. Ironically, they are doing exactly what is necessary to undermine the system, and thus that very same establishment. It is not Trump’s throat that they are cutting. They think they are untouchable. Naturally, King Louis XVI was also untouchable, until he wasn’t.

I hope people on both sides can see some of the lessons from revolutions in the past. King Louis XVI was eliminated and they ended up with Napoleon. With Napoleon they got endless wars and defeat in Russia. Batista was eliminated and they got Fidel. Cuba ranked fifth in the hemisphere in per capita income, now it is a third world shit-hole.

Revolutions are like litigation. You don’t want to get in involved, but if you do, you want to win.

What do I think? If Trump fails, the establishment will begin with far more effective censorship. I believe that alternate sources for news and commentary will be shutdown or so heavily regulated that the establishment will write all the articles. If they can find a way to further corrupt the vote, like annexing Puerto Rico, they will. I believe the continued lack of borders will get worse. There will be more and more incidents of violence, unreported. The the shooting will start.

A friend of mine who came to this country many years ago, legally, said it best. “Once the shooting starts here, it won’t stop for a long time.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Naturally, I could be wrong. A country without borders that only avoids bankruptcy by borrowing from China should do fine. Once Trump is gone, as all of the gains from jobs that Trump got by reducing regulations, are rolled back, those who end up unemployed again as foreign workers, H-!B, take what few jobs are available won’t mind. As all of those welfare recipients finally get their collective heads out of their primary fundaments and see the aid that should go to them, going to illegals, things will be great. As a military that has been fighting stupid wars all around the world for everyone else’s freedom is stretched past the breaking point, things will work out. As the Clinton, Kennedy, Bush, and Pelosi types thrive, the country will burn. Whether they like it or not, I think they will be attending the bonfire.

Let freedom ring, baby!

Intelligence People Can’t Win

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The entire concept of intelligence agencies in a representative republic is that they CAN NEVER BE USED FOR POLITICAL GAMES! Evelyn Farkas worked for Obama and didn’t agree with that. Because Obama did everything he could to make sure anyone and everyone could use the intelligence reports for political gain, we now have a LOT of problems.

The unspoken and unwritten agreement between the people and the intelligence services is simple. As long as you are using whatever information you collect strictly to keep the nation as a whole safe from foreign threats and you keep what you know to yourself and do not use that information against citizens, no one is going to ask questions. Once that pact is violated, hostility sets in. Even assuming the best of motives and highest levels of character by all of the players, anger and rage are understandable. Obama and his evil self-serving minions may have done so much damage to the nation with this one series of evil machinations that we may never recover.

Can any intelligence agency ever assume that the raw intelligence data will stay safe from politicians playing games? No.

Can any informant ever assume the politicians won’t get their name? No.

Once the data from the intelligence reports was used as a political weapon, the entire intelligence infrastructure becomes suspect.

After seeing this person’s statements, I now have to assume that FBI Director James Comey and NSA head Michael Rogers lied to the House Intelligence Committee. They claimed that there was no wiretapping. They claimed that unmasking an American citizen practically takes an act of God. We can not afford to play games with this. Unfortunately for them, Evelyn pointed out that it was very easy to do…

Positive civilian control of the intelligence apparatus is critical in a free nation. We need to start with Comey and Rogers going to jail for a very long time. It needs to happen NOW.

Thank God Jeff Sessions is Attorney General. Oh, wait, he recused himself as demanded by the Democrats. Democrats that are up to their asses in this mess. Bet those Democrats don’t recuse themselves…

This is a mess that can not be left as it is.