Sugar Mountain

Zucker is German for Sugar.

Berg is German for Mountain or Mound.

Zuckerberg means Sugar Mountain or Mound of Sugar.

Picture this:
“Good morning Mr. Sugar Mountain.”
“Could we discuss social media policy Mr. Sugar Mound?”

Maybe I can guess why the Chinese don’t take him too seriously…

You draw you own conclusions.

Whats your beeves?

The Daily Mail Online has once again come through with critical information that I did not know. In an article, ‘This information does not affect me in any way, but I am still mad about it!’ The internet is left horrified after a social media user reveals the plural of ‘beef’ is ‘BEEVES’, we learn the scary truth.

I did not know about beeves. Thinking it could be some internet prank, I looked in up in my physical copy of the New Oxford Dictionary, and yes beeves is the plural form of beef.

Everyone in the past has always used the phrase “pieces of beef”. If I had had to refer to multiple pieces of beef with one word, I would have seriously considered “beefi” and then gone with “steaks” or “hamburgers”.

Will I ever use, let alone be comfortable with the word “beeves”? Only time will tell…

Congress and Baboons

A bunch of baboons is called a “congress”…


Sorry, you fake news sites, but a bunch of baboons is called a “Troop”. Some references spell it “Troup”.


According to, ratiocination is defined as:

The process of exact thinking or a reasoned train of thought.

I ran into that word today and realized that I will probably never see it again. I thought I would share it with others.


I have never really thought about the difficulty in determining a syllable.

While looking into the rules for Gibberish on Wikipeida,, I thought about syllable determination.

Lets say you want to write an app to translate to Gibberish. There is a big problem. How do you determine the syllable(s) in an English word? The only way I would have much confidence in would involve a dictionary lookup.

In coding, it is sometimes the most simple things that create the biggest challenges.