Hollywood closer to death

The ultra liberal politically correct Hollywood crowd has a big issue on the horizon. They want their movies to sell globally, so they are eliminating as much American culture as possible. They want to sell their politically correct agenda in each and every movie, no matter what.

Those two goals are absolute opposites. Do you think a viewer in China gives a damn about politically correct thinking? Do you believe someone in India wants to be told how to live? How many Russians to you see standing up for politically correct and cheering?

When the idiots figure out that pc kills sales, what will they do? While they will want to sell their pc message, the money boys wants return on investment…

Hollywood is like Smaug in the Hobbit. Sitting on his piles of gold and treasure quite comfortable with the evil he had done. Alas for Smaug, his time had come.

Goodbye Hollywood, we won’t miss you.

Chelsea Manning – The ongoing stench

Chelsea Manning is running for Senate in Maryland. Transgender traitor who got a pardon from Obama.

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A traitor who is crazy. The people of Maryland are entitled to vote for anyone they care to vote for. I have no problem with that. If they want a crazy traitor, okay, go for it.

I believe the traitor wants a battle to prove the his/her/its treason was justified. If there is a solid opponent that has testicles and will take off the gloves, the traitor is going to take one hell of a political beating! If there isn’t a candidate like that, then the hell with Maryland, they deserve the circus freak.

The issue is that the person in question did deliberate damage to the military during time of war. If it gets elected, start praying.

I don’t think the American people will tolerate this piece of garbage for long. This slimeball may just touch off the great senatorial enema. It has been a long time coming and it is going to be ugly. I’m thinking that she could cause almost every vulnerable incumbent to lose in the following elections.

In other words, I hope for a happy ending.

I could be very wrong. Maybe Americans don’t really care anymore. If that is the case, the country will disintegrate and the issue will no longer exist. We will see.

One youtube user put it succinctly:

Democrats: “Donald Trump is a traitor”
Also Democrats: “Here’s our traitor candidate for the Senate”?

1929 and Now

1929, the year the market had a real crash.

  • The stocks were up, way up. Unemployment, what unemployment?
  • Stocks could be purchased with only a portion paid up front.

2018, this year.

  • The stocks are up, way up. Unemployment is less than 5% which is considered full employment.
  • Retail is dying, the stores are closing.
  • National Debt is 20 trillion+.
  • Robotics are replacing more and more people while we are also deluged by more and more illegals. In other words, we are packing in more and more uneducated workers while doing away with the jobs that they are here to do. The American Chamber of Commerce makes a few more dollars as the country slides into the disaster that they are making far worse.

I’m no expert. Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. We shall see.

Replace Men With Sex Robots?

Bloomberg has an article that is pointing out that sex robots may replace men in bed.

As a man, my response is “that’s nice.” Unlike the fully triggered femi-nazi snowflake nutters, I’m just not all that worried about it.

Sorry Bloomberg, the shock thing only works when the target cares. With the sex robots on the way, who really cares what women think? The whole women’s rights thing has been stretched and stretched since the 1960s to the point that no sane person can take those movements seriously.

Enjoy the robots, but when it is time for the robot tune-up, get your damned toolbox!

Engineer from hell

Silly “social justice” idiots have so contaminated the educational process, that there will, in the end, need to be a come to Jesus moment. The garbage they are spewing isn’t going to help any engineers get jobs. It isn’t going to help them with their design work. Even my own Purdue University is becoming something smelling of globalist trash.

MILO has an article with the following gem;

According to the leader of Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education, the word “rigor” contains “sexual connotations” that perpetuate “white male heterosexual privilege.”

Donna Riley published idiocy in the latest copy of Engineering Education.

Riley defines rigor as “the aspirational quality academics apply to disciplinary standards of quality,” which, in her eyes, means that “rigor is used to maintain disciplinary boundaries, with exclusionary implications for marginalized groups and marginalized ways of knowing.”

If you think about what this bimbo is saying, you will go into fits of terror! Do you want a gyno-centric engineer designing a jet airplane that is based on “marginalized ways of knowing”? In other words, a deathtrap?

The following quote tells the rest of the story:

“My visceral reaction in many conversations where I have seen rigor asserted has been to tell parties involved (regardless of gender) to whip them out and measure them already.”

My response to that misguided loon would be to point out that I have one, she doesn’t, so mine is definitely longer. It doesn’t really require much engineering to figure that one out. I could not and would not work with a bimbo like that.

A spec is a spec. If the design or the implementation is flawed lives and money are wasted. That isn’t sexism, that is the real world. Riley is a mental defect who really needs to look into her meds…

There is a youtube video about Criterion Three and Criterion Five changes, 2016, to engineering education, that shows some of her sadly misplaced thinking:

direct link

She is speaking of the education requirements of engineers, throughout their careers. She fixates on:
“…attention and time must be spent on humanities and social science content…”

I wonder how she would feel about religious training? If you want to place more of a morality into engineers, wouldn’t religion be an excellent start? There are many Christians that would say “marginalized groups and marginalized ways of knowing”, in many ways, perfectly describes the hostile environment that colleges are to Christianity. Oh, wait a minute! When she says humanities and social science, she is really talking about the sjw agenda, which is really just an anti-white male doctrine that is based more on imaginary wrongs than facts. I believe the phallocentric bimbo is showing her hostility for white men…

How about engineering practices and standards instead. An engineer that is fixated on social engineering is not going to be very useful as a real engineer. If I need a chemical process designed, I don’t really care about your thoughts on globalism and its effects on penis length.

This video, really gets to the meat! In 2015, she was Professor, Dept of Engineering, Virginia Tech.
Her credentials are shown;
Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Princeton.
PhD in engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University.

Then she explains her insane position on rigor:

direct link

After listening to this cultural justice bimbo, I have say the following.

She is so concerned about penis length and firmess, that she needs to get a plastic friend and work out her issues. I am not impressed by penis length arguments. It shows that she is a sexist sjw bimbo relying of penis talk to make her silly points. I pity her students, both male and female. I pity any minority that has her as an instructor.

Any parent refusing to send their youngsters to Purdue for an engineering education has good reason not to do so.

The entire concept of engineering, when it is done right, is to avoid the social crap and deal with the technical issues. You know, those issues you are actually being paid to solve?

Patreon Service Charges

I supported three different creators on Patreon. I did so, even knowing that Patreon banned Lauren Southern, among others. Knowing that Patreon hates the right and loves the ultra-left, I still supported a few creators. TODAY THAT CHANGED!

I received an e-mail from Patron that finally got to the point:

Starting December 18th, we will apply a new service fee of 2.9% + $0.35 that patrons will pay for each individual pledge. This service fee helps keep Patreon up and running.

Honestly, I will not tolerate a 3% fee to Patreon. If it were another company, I would consider it.

I can’t wait for a viable alternative service. Censorship will lose in the end.