Radical Feminists and Language

Whenever radical feminists write or talk about patriarchal domination in society, they usually use silly examples such as;

One finally got a response showing her just how ignorant she really is:

Read it, it is quite the palette cleanser.

Hollywood closer to death

The ultra liberal politically correct Hollywood crowd has a big issue on the horizon. They want their movies to sell globally, so they are eliminating as much American culture as possible. They want to sell their politically correct agenda in each and every movie, no matter what.

Those two goals are absolute opposites. Do you think a viewer in China gives a damn about politically correct thinking? Do you believe someone in India wants to be told how to live? How many Russians to you see standing up for politically correct and cheering?

When the idiots figure out that pc kills sales, what will they do? While they will want to sell their pc message, the money boys wants return on investment…

Hollywood is like Smaug in the Hobbit. Sitting on his piles of gold and treasure quite comfortable with the evil he had done. Alas for Smaug, his time had come.

Goodbye Hollywood, we won’t miss you.

Chelsea Manning – The ongoing stench

Chelsea Manning is running for Senate in Maryland. Transgender traitor who got a pardon from Obama.

direct link

A traitor who is crazy. The people of Maryland are entitled to vote for anyone they care to vote for. I have no problem with that. If they want a crazy traitor, okay, go for it.

I believe the traitor wants a battle to prove the his/her/its treason was justified. If there is a solid opponent that has testicles and will take off the gloves, the traitor is going to take one hell of a political beating! If there isn’t a candidate like that, then the hell with Maryland, they deserve the circus freak.

The issue is that the person in question did deliberate damage to the military during time of war. If it gets elected, start praying.

I don’t think the American people will tolerate this piece of garbage for long. This slimeball may just touch off the great senatorial enema. It has been a long time coming and it is going to be ugly. I’m thinking that she could cause almost every vulnerable incumbent to lose in the following elections.

In other words, I hope for a happy ending.

I could be very wrong. Maybe Americans don’t really care anymore. If that is the case, the country will disintegrate and the issue will no longer exist. We will see.

One youtube user put it succinctly:

Democrats: “Donald Trump is a traitor”
Also Democrats: “Here’s our traitor candidate for the Senate”?

Merkel coalition blues

Merkel dances on the edge. As a Daily Mail article puts it, Merkel’s last chance: Chancellor must agree a coalition deal TONIGHT to avoid political crisis for Germany… and admits there are ‘large obstacles in their path’.

Her problem is simple to explain but verges on impossible to solve. She MUST form a coalition government by 5pm CST Jan 22, 2018. If she does not, things happen.

CNBC describes the options as follows;

  • minority government
  • another grand coalition
  • new elections

Since the hard right, think AfD, has been gaining ground recently, she will NOT want to risk another election.

The CNBC article also points out that:

“If Merkel were to lead a minority government, passing legislation in the Bundestag would be a political nightmare given the differences between the several parties.”

The CDU was sharing power with the Socialist Party, in the prior coalition until the September elections were held. The Socialist Party has indicated that it prefers to be in opposition. In other words, another grand coalition does not look like it is going to happen, no return to the good old days.

Making all of this even more entertaining is the fact that this could be “…the first time since World War II that a German election hasn’t produced a government.”

My gut instinct is that she will get her coalition. She has been in the game a LONG time and knows the rights moves. Neither she, nor the other politicos can afford to see any more shift to the hard right. I hope she fails, but rats on a sinking ship tend to go down last…

If she does cut the deals, she is going to be miserable and have problems getting the simplest of legislation taken care of. If she fails to form the coalition, it is back to the races and anything can happen!

The European politicos like to keep everything to the last minute to build drama and appear to actually be doing something. For all I know, the deals have already been made and this is just Merkel showmanship…

Even if a deal is cut, a vote must be held by a legislative group on January 21st. To get that vote to approve any coalition, they will need to overcome the very valid concerns of the party members…

I say, “Who needs organized sports when you have politics?” Feel free to quote me!

Catholic Church Holdings

According to one source:

Vatican largest holder of land titles in the world.
Visible title to about $316 billion.
$2,623 billion in trust and front companies.
Controls about 60,350 metric tonnes of gold, or 30.2% of the world total.

Others have other numbers. In any case, I think it is time the United States IRS did an inventory audit. Unless there is something being hidden?

Happy New Year London!

Brietbart shows the new crime numbers for London.

In May of 2016, London elected its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. He is the fellow who said that President Trump was not welcome in London. He is the fellow who said that terrorism is just a fact of modern life.

The Mayor of London’s Police and Crime Office, gives us the following;

From 2015/16 to 2016/17:

Homicides in London up by 27.1%.
Youth homicide up by 70.0%.
Serious youth violence up by 19.0%.
Robbery up by 33.4%.
Home Burglaries up by 18.7%.
Knife crimes up by 31.3%.
Gun crimes up by 16.3%.
Rape up by 18.3%.

Sadiq Khan is the one mayor who can almost make Chicago’s tiny dancer, Rahm Emanuel, look like he is still a viable option…

The people of Londonistan have him, I’ll bet it is almost impossible to get rid of him. I predict a major decrease in property values and any non-Muhammadans leaving the city.