Afghanistan and America First

When Trump was running, I knew there was an inherent conflict between his desire to fight terrorism to the bloody end and his non-interventionist policies. When his desire to rebuild the American military was factored in, I was pretty sure that he would be forced to get involved in various adventures around the world whether he liked it or not.

When I am asked about the Afghanistan policy that he advocated last night, I am not enthusiastic, but I see where he is coming from. His success or failure will come down to Pakistan. IF he can stop terrorists from hiding there, great. If he can not but does de-fund Pakistan programs, good enough. If he fails to stop the terrorists and continues to throw money into Pakistan, he will have failed spectacularly.

I believe that North Korea will be a bigger issue in the near future because I think crazy Kim the wacky dictator will do something stupid and force our hand. Hopefully, I am completely wrong.

Why do I bring up North Korea? Aside from the fact that I think they are going to be a problem, they perfectly illustrate our issues with withdrawing from various areas of conflict around the world.

We could get the hell out of Asia. We would need to backstop Japan and South Korea while they developed their own nuke programs. Once they could launch their own missiles, we could exit without issue. That won’t happen because of self-interested parties in D.C. and the profit our allies make by having our troops and nukes support their nations.

We could easily withdraw from NATO. The congress and the senate are bound and determined to fight a war from seventy years ago with European cultures that no longer exist. Because small men with no imagination inhabit D.C., we are stuck in a European entanglement that we should go NO WHERE NEAR. Once again, the profit our allies make by having our troops and nukes support their nations factors in in a large way.

The bottom line? Until we are ready to go home and keep our powder dry, our country is going to bankrupt itself and fight never-ending wars. Our “allies” will suck our resources dry while the military-industrial complex celebrates.

Trump is not the problem, he is a symptom of the swamp that keeps getting deeper.

3rd Carrier Group to Korean Area of Operations

I was reading an article, Sources: 3rd US Naval Strike Force Deployed to Deter North Korea. My question: isn’t there a rule that once you deploy not one, not two, but three entire carrier groups that you MUST knock off the little dictator?

I’m pretty sure there is a rule about that…

If we don’t eliminate him, I am going to be very disappointed.

Sec Def James Mattis, on Face the Nation, had some interesting comments;

“The North Korean regime has hundreds of artillery cannons and rocket launchers within range of one of the most densely populated cities on earth, which is the capital of South Korea…”

“But the bottom line is it would be a catastrophic war if this turns into a combat if we’re not able to resolve this situation through diplomatic means.”

Am I the only one wondering just high we can ramp it up without shooting? In all honesty, the North Koreans don’t look like they are going to back down. Now that there are three aircraft carrier groups, I don’t think we can either. Put simply, neither side can back down now. Barring a diplomatic master-stroke, there are now two possible outcomes. Either Trump backs down and loses all credibility, or he pulls the trigger and lets the chips fall where they may…

The Hill reported on April 2, 2017, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in an interview on Fox News’s “Special Report with Bret Baier”said;

“Well, we’ve got to see a real change on the part of the posture of the regime in North Korea. … We will wait as long as it takes, as long as the threat is manageable,”

“…studies have indicated that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un makes rational decisions and is not unstable.”

“All indications, Bret, by intelligence agencies … are that he is not crazy. He may be ruthless, he may be a murderer, he may be someone who in many respects we would say by our standards is irrational, but he is not insane,”

“We have been very clear: We do not seek regime change in North Korea. We are not seeking a collapse of the regime; we are not seeking to find some excuse for an execrated reunification of the peninsula. What we are seeking is the same thing China has said they seek — a full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,”

Let me get this straight. By our standards irrational, but not insane… You have GOT to be F**king kidding me! It makes me so much more comfortable knowing that the murderer is merely irrational. Thank goodness he isn’t insane!

Maybe I’m completely misreading this one, but I think it is going to go hot soon.

Why are there no good Samaritans in China?

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This video explains something I have always wondered about. You know those stories in American big cities where the general public fails to help someone in need? Every now and then, we will see an article or video showing someone in distress and all of the people around them just getting away as fast as possible. Being Americans, when we react this way it is for a few simple reasons. Not getting involved avoids becoming the next potential victim. Not getting involved avoids the potential for law suits; this is the land of excessive litigation. Sometimes, it is youthful citizens who are too busy getting a video on their smartphone to be involved in the real world. Sometimes, very rarely I hope, it is indifference.

As a society, we find this behavior unacceptable, but understand the reasons behind it. That isn’t to say that leaving one’s fellow man in distress is right, just that such actions can be understood.

China has the same social failure, only much bigger and for very different reasons. This video explains why.

Short version, the courts in China are so crooked that connections and relations are all that matters. Helping someone can destroy your life if they are a scammer.

“In China, you are on your own.”

Now you know.

Larry Summers – Liberal Establishment Lapdog

Bloomberg has a noxious article, Trump Finds Asian Allies Cool to Preemptive N. Korea Strike.

They point out that Trump said to China that we could have lots of trade problems with them if they did not help with the North Korean issue. Gee, a president who understands that fiscal power is tied DIRECTLY to political power. It sounds like Trump is doing something no other president has done in a very long time. He is using ALL the toys on the table to negotiate. It is a shame that none of his predecessors for the last fifty years had the stones to do the same!

I note that the first thing the Chinese did was tell North Korea to knock of the nuclear test or China would have to severely reduce oil sales. In other words, the Chinese are using FINANCIAL tools to push North Korea… Is sounds like there is a reason Trump is president and Larry is a talking head being interviewed by establishment cranks.

They were interviewing Larry Summers in the article’s included video, former Treasury Secretary and lapdog for both Obama and Clinton. Larry commented that he is very concerned when nuclear proliferation is confused with trade policy… I know why Obama liked him. WHAT A COMPLETELY CLUELESS BLOVIATING ASS! He fears angering China. Hey Larry, how about China learns to fear the United States you glorified Harvard capon!

The text of the article goes on to indicate that South Korea and Japan weren’t exactly cheerleaders for the action that Trump is taking. First of all, Japan released a neutral statement that didn’t seem to say much either way. South Korea has had the benefit of American troops for over fifty years and they would prefer to negotiate… So what?

All of these countries depend on our military forces for their security. Do I care if they are happy? While I prefer a nice isolationist policy, the North Korean fat boy has gone too far. When you keep threatening us with nuclear arms, there will eventually be a reckoning. Check the time, I hear the toll of a bell. Kim Jong-un, I’m thinking that bell tolls for you.

Japan Wants First Strike Capability

The Daily Mail has an article about Japan wanting to have a first strike capability.

Hiroshi Imazu, the head of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s security committee, summed it up: “We can’t just wait until we’re destroyed”

Other Japanese leaders are saying the same thing.

It may get a lot more interesting in Asia in the near future…

Nationalism in China and War on the Horizon

China is gearing up for a conflict.

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Seeing laowhy86, a/k/a Matt, in his youtube video, I’m seeing a westerner who loves China, beginning to see hostility to his being in the country. After living a working and raising a family for seven years, things are changing.

China’s building of the artificial islands in the South China Sea was the beginning of a declaration of hostility. Regretfully, we had a moron in the White House at the time.

The Chinese wife makes a wonderful point. China is, always has been, and always will be highly nationalistic. I agree completely with what she is saying. The problem is that liberal idiots in the west don’t understand that VERY critical point. When China speaks of global cooperation, it is only in the pursuit of nationalistic goals. I don’t know how to phrase that any more clearly.

Do I want China as a enemy? No, I don’t. I am highly nationalistic and I just don’t see any percentages in getting into a scrap with China. But there are issues that can not so easily be dismissed. Can we let artificial islands in the South China Sea continue? Can we allow North Korea to become a nuclear power? While I prefer to avoid entanglements in foreign campaigns, I have to say no.

If China wants a war, I say GIVE IT TO THEM. WAR TO THE KNIFE, KNIFE TO THE HILT! We have all of those nuclear assets, lets use them, consequences be damned!

Diplomacy is for eunuchs. Let the feckless John Kerrys dream of greatness that is beyond their cowardly reach, while the rest of world takes care of business.

Just for the record, I am a strict isolationist. I am as shocked as anyone that I would actually advocate actions in foreign lands. There comes a point where each one of us must determine when enough is enough. Do I respect the Chinese people? Yes, I do. Does that mean we should let them run roughshod over us? NO WAY. I am reasonable, not stupid.