Afghanistan and America First

When Trump was running, I knew there was an inherent conflict between his desire to fight terrorism to the bloody end and his non-interventionist policies. When his desire to rebuild the American military was factored in, I was pretty sure that he would be forced to get involved in various adventures around the world whether he liked it or not.

When I am asked about the Afghanistan policy that he advocated last night, I am not enthusiastic, but I see where he is coming from. His success or failure will come down to Pakistan. IF he can stop terrorists from hiding there, great. If he can not but does de-fund Pakistan programs, good enough. If he fails to stop the terrorists and continues to throw money into Pakistan, he will have failed spectacularly.

I believe that North Korea will be a bigger issue in the near future because I think crazy Kim the wacky dictator will do something stupid and force our hand. Hopefully, I am completely wrong.

Why do I bring up North Korea? Aside from the fact that I think they are going to be a problem, they perfectly illustrate our issues with withdrawing from various areas of conflict around the world.

We could get the hell out of Asia. We would need to backstop Japan and South Korea while they developed their own nuke programs. Once they could launch their own missiles, we could exit without issue. That won’t happen because of self-interested parties in D.C. and the profit our allies make by having our troops and nukes support their nations.

We could easily withdraw from NATO. The congress and the senate are bound and determined to fight a war from seventy years ago with European cultures that no longer exist. Because small men with no imagination inhabit D.C., we are stuck in a European entanglement that we should go NO WHERE NEAR. Once again, the profit our allies make by having our troops and nukes support their nations factors in in a large way.

The bottom line? Until we are ready to go home and keep our powder dry, our country is going to bankrupt itself and fight never-ending wars. Our “allies” will suck our resources dry while the military-industrial complex celebrates.

Trump is not the problem, he is a symptom of the swamp that keeps getting deeper.

NSA has screwed the pooch

I noted in my initial blog post on NSA Hacking Tools are Now In The Wild, that things could get ugly.

As of Friday, May 12th, 2017, they did.

It must be said, the NSA is to blame. Creating a tool set for hacking is completely understandable when considering modern world dynamics. Letting those tools be stolen is NOT!

If the United States military lost a few nukes, would “sorry” really cover it?

The NSA can not recover credibility at this point. The ONLY option they have to to track down and eliminate those responsible. I don’t just mean the traitorous idiot who did the hack, but those who distributed the tools as well.

The organization made a BIG mistake that must be made good. A lot of world resources are going to be burned in pursuing the idiots using these tools. Let the NSA make examples of those who started it.

If they fail to do so, then they don’t really need funding. Those who can’t clean their own damned house have no business looking in other people’s affairs!

The worse part of this fiasco, after all of the damage that will be caused world wide, is the fact that Chinese and Russian news sources can blame the United States, see Cyber attack latest: Vladimir Putin blames US for hack as thousands more computers hit by ransomware AND THEY WILL BE RIGHT! God knows how much leverage we have now given the Chinese and Russians! I am so disgusted with our so-called intelligence services!

CPS Silly: Learn. Plan. Succeed

The main goal of federal government must be to defend the borders and do everything possible to assure the freedoms of we the people. The main goal of local government must be the education of the next generations. Education is critical for individual and community success. You show me a community that truly educates its young citizens, and I will show you a community that gets things done. Alas, most of the youngsters in public schools in large cities can only dream about what a real education is.

The Wall Street Journal has an article about Chicago Mayor Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel’s new graduation plan, “Learn. Plan. Succeed”. Chicago Public Schools, CPS, is saved!

Tiny Dancer’s plan is what I would expect from him. Basically, to graduate, Chicago students would have to provide proof of a plan for after graduation, “such as providing an offer letter for a job or acceptance into college or military service”. Job programs, trade or apprenticeship programs, one year travel plan, volunteer work and a few other things would also be acceptable.

Of course, illegals and students with criminal records would have exemptions.

We eventually find out what Tiny Dancer’s real scheme is: “The economy and business today require a minimum of two years post-high school.”

The CPS schools are garbage. The system allegedly graduates 66.3% of its students. The education provided by CPS is marginal. There may be a few decent schools, but there are also a lot of bad ones. One company that I know of in Chicago gives all new employees a simple test with sixth grade math questions. Few of the recent graduates can do basic math! That company has to train those new employees, all high school graduates, how to do basic math…

I would have thought the damage to the students was already extensive enough. It appears that Tiny Dancer wants to find a way to get even more funding.

There is a reason Tiny Dancer never does anything that actually has any real effect on anything. He has no solutions. He is a spend more and spend more politician. Extending CPS will become his battle cry. The teacher’s union will see the possibility for more money. The political appointees will see the possibilities for more money, more power, and all else aside, a chance to use Tiny Dancer’s two year idea as an excuse for their failures. Yet another political solution for a real world problem that screws everyone but the politicians and does nothing to solve any of the problems. Better yet, it doesn’t even mention that fact that there are problems. Tiny Dancer must be very proud of himself.

No Rahm. Your new master plan isn’t going to get Chicago any additional money. No Rohm, even voters stupid enough to put your butt in office aren’t going to believe this one. Don’t worry though. So many people are fleeing Illinois and Chicago in particular, that you probably do not have to worry.

Hey Rahm, I’ve got your next campaign promise right here: “The next Detroit, only a lot worse, coming to Chicago soon!” The best part Rahm? Many of your favorite constituents won’t be able to read the signs anyway!

This can not continue

We are doing what? has an article that basically says Tunisia Border complements of Uncle Sam.

“The United States has agreed to fund a multi-million-dollar project to install an electronic security surveillance system on Tunisia’s border with strife-torn Libya…”

We can’t have a border but they can? Why do I give a damned about Tunisia? Answer, I don’t! I would rather spend the money on a massive installation of razor wire and land mines on our border…

How much longer can America be bled by corruption and political elitism? Looking at the Asian banks move away from the dollar…

Let freedom ring, baby!

How are they going to pay for all of these military adventures?

I’m watching the 12/15/2015 Republican under-card debate.

Does one of these Republican candidates that want a much deeper war in the Middle East and wants a massive military buildup have a damned clue how they are going to pay for any of this?

We have created a politically correct military. We have used those troops to death. We have taken the warrior spirit and replaced it with betrayal after betrayal.

How about we outsource the VA, bring our troops home, and mine our borders? Let Muslims stay in the Middle East and fight their own God Damned battles.

If these idiots want to fight in the Middle East, then launch nuclear ICBMs and be done with it.

Not one more drop of American blood! Not one more American dollar!

Navy Using Windows XP until at least 2017

The Hill, has a terrifying article: Navy pays millions to keep using Windows XP.

Navy will spend between 9 million and 30 million by 2017 to continue using 100,000 Windows XP machines.

“…to ensure Navy warfighters have connectivity to their respective networks…”

Any large organization that has not migrated by NOW, should close its doors today. Such a lack of security in the United States Navy is beyond imagination. Any large organization must have upgrade plan in place LONG before Microsoft creates a new version of Windows.

If anyone wants to know why the Chinese were able to obtain pretty much everything from the United State government computers, I don’t think they need to think all that hard. Our government is neither serious nor competent.

When the crap hits the fan, it is going to be ugly.