If Hillary wins, so be it.

I’ve made the following decision. If Hillary wins the election, then I will support a nation without borders. I will support Islam everywhere in this nation. I will support a $20/hr minimum wage.

I will support forcing all of those liberal bimbos, who voted for Hillary, having to wear Burqas and stay at home with the kids! I will support Sharia laws that force Christians to finally reach for their guns and stop turning the other cheek like a bunch of suckers! I will happily watch the drunken illegals plow into crowds of innocent people, knowing that there will eventually be a bloody backlash that will make ISIS look like a gang of pussy-ass, turd world, pansy eunuchs. As all of the minimum wage workers who thought they were geniuses are replaced with hamburger cooking robots, I will enjoy the screaming protests. As the homosexuals are murdered in larger and larger quantities, I will wonder if they have finally figured out the Islam has always wanted to kill them. When the homosexuals start reaching for the guns, you just know the festivities are going to get interesting. As more and more daughters are addicted to drugs and pimped out, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters will reach for guns. As more and more rape gangs take advantage of a politically correct morally gutless America, families will pull together. In short, I will stop worrying about the future of America and enjoy the fucking parade of fools.

Sometimes, you just have to let the infection get worse. Maybe we will survive, maybe we won’t. If we don’t, we will have one hell of a going away party.

If Hillary goes after the guns, it will all go to hell even faster.

Let freedom ring, baby!

Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Programmer Analysts

This article at protectusworkers.org lists the jobs MOST threated by H!B visa abuse.

Hot H1B Jobs in IT & Math
Programmer Analyst 38,172
Software Engineer 21,973
Software Developer 10,706
Computer Programmer 8,756
Systems Analyst 8,579
Computer Systems Analyst 5,020
Business Analyst 4,111
Technology Analyst – Us 3,983
Senior Software Engineer 3,734

This shows just SOME of the jobs stolen from Americans in 2016 by organizations that are abusing the H1B Visa system. For detailed answers about specific jobs, areas, and organizations, go to http://www.myvisajobs.com/H1B-Visa/Search.aspx

If the next president does not fix this issue, the country will burn. No nation can survive when the jobs are given to foreign temp workers. If American citizenship means nothing, then a nation ceases to exist. Globalists love that concept. We can be one hulking mass of cheap labor for a very few extremely rich.

Thomas Jefferson put it best:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Let freedom ring baby!

Carly laid off 30,000 at HP

Cruz’s VP choice of Carly Fiorina tells me everything I need to know. When every establishment elitist suddenly started supporting Cruz, I started asking questions. When Bush and Graham supported Cruz, there was an elitist establishment stench permeating everything. The Carly choice verified that Cruz is NOT THE REAL DEAL.

Michelle Malkin tells it the way it is and details the problems with Carly.

This video tells the story of the 30,000 laid off:

direct link

DREAM Act/Amnesty. Fiorina supported in-state tuition discounts for illegal aliens during her Senate bid and heartily “applauded and saluted” the Gang of Eight mass illegal alien amnesty/guest worker visa bonanza in 2013 on liberal network MSNBC.

Fiorina endorsed the Obama Race to the Top program that provided billions in subsidies to states as inducements to adopt Common Core

She was a major advisor to McCain when he supported every damned Government bailout and stimulus spending program.

She expressed “Admiration and empathy for Hillary Clinton.” WTF? Any questions people?

She was kissing Jesse Jackson’s ass the entire time she was at HP. Considering all of the Americans that she laid off, that makes BOTH of them look like the scum that they are. They should both be ashamed.

Fiorina said she would have voted for reliable liberal SCOTUS justice and longtime open-borders champion Sonia Sotomayor.

Herz/IBM Screw 225 to 300 Workers

Slashdot shares the news of Herz dumping American workers for H-1B foreigners in this article.

“IBM India Private Limited, a IBM subsidiary, has filed paper for H-1B visa workers for Hertz Technology offices.”

“300 Hertz IT employees, most located in Oklahoma City, are being impacted [by] a decision to expand its outsourcing to IBM. About 75 will be hired by IBM…”

I should have made the title, “Trump gets at least 225 more votes.”

No More Hope – Trump Caved on H1-B Visas

Trump was the last holdout. He has just changed his position in tonight’s debate for the worse. Let the record show, that on 3/3/2016, the last candidate standing against H1-B abuse caved to the Silicon Valley scum.

The misery, unemployment, and hatreds will only continue grow now.

There will be blood. I don’t know how any other outcome is possible. How long can you continue to eliminate the middle class, while growing government, while spending money that the government just does not have? The answer is clear, not very.

The government has systematically robbed the middle class for years. When the middle class started running out of money, the DC crooks started spending money that doesn’t exist. The DC boys have fixed everything for their friends. Sweetheart deals exist in abundance, for those with the right payoffs. The foreign trade deals that put even more Americans out of work have never been made for the purposes of helping the United States.

When the dollar is worth toilet paper, those angry people are going to explode.

I support NONE of the candidates. As far as I am concerned, they can all kiss my large, pale, primary-fundament. I now hope for a brokered Republican convention. With luck, they will have a riot and end the party with lots of arrests and law suits.

Let freedom ring, baby!

Note, it is now 4/3/2016 and Trump has issued a statement walking back his other statement… Not unexpected, but we will see. If the fence gets built and the H-1B program is crushed, then I will be satisfied. Until I see them happen, I trust no one.

More American H-1B Victims

America is rotting from within. The middle class is being destroyed. D.C. denizens are bought and paid for. The press is the bitch of the American Chamber of Commerce. The inbred relationship between the politicians and the press gives both cover.

America is not the nation it once was. Politically correct idiots flock to their victim group of the day, blaming American for all of the world’s problems. I don’t see heroes, patriots, principle, character, honor nor integrity.

I don’t know if it is possible to avoid the coming storm. More importantly, I am not so sure that that storm should be avoided.

protectusworkers.org states
“Abbott Labs announced today to their IT department of 180 employees that they had 60 days to train their foreign replacements then they will all be fired on April 22, 2016.”

Other companies crapping on the American workers;

Walt Disney Land, Florida
250 I.T. Workers

67? I am having trouble getting the exact number.

Southern California Edison
500 Workers

4,000 workers

4,500 workers

92 Million Americans not in the workforce with more being forced out daily.

America 20 Trillion in debt with 46 million receiving assistance, yet congress keeps pushing for more foreign workers!

6 Million STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medical) workers are working in areas outside of their fields. In other words 6 million highly skilled and trained Americans can’t find a job. This is tied directly to H-1Bs.

The United States government deliberately does NOT track the number of H-1B workers who replace American workers.

http://www.garamchai.com/TopH1b.htm shows the top users of H-1B visas for 2012.

Some companies you are familiar with;
Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Google, Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Apple, HP, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, etc.

There is so much information available, that any search on the internet will find more…